Once Upon A Time” showrunners revealed what’s in store for the fans in next season as the 6th season has finally come to an end. Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis decided for the show’s reboot and disclosed the details of the upcoming season.

The happy ending

The Season 6 finale focused on the entire Charming clan having their happily ever after. The Black Fairy (Jaime Murray) was defeated, and the story about Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) is now on its last page. With the character’s end in the story, stars are saying goodbye as well. Along with Morrison, Ginnifer Goodwin, Josh Dallas, and Jared Gilmore will also bid their goodbyes from the rest of the casts.

Following this announcement, the question on what would happen to their characters arose. The series’ two-part finale laid down the answers and even provided a way for a complete start to the story. Henry (Andrew J. West from “The Walking Dead”) is all grown up now and his long-lost daughter Lucy (Alison Fernandez) suddenly appear, prompting him to save his family.

The reboot

Horowitz labeled Season 7 of “Once Upon A Time” as a hybrid rather than a reboot. The next season is expected to be a combination of a lot of things. The series is taking new directions while still living up to the show’s original essence. The recasting of other characters as adults is also a possibility. Returning regulars such as Regina (Lana Perilla), Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) and Rumple (Robert Carlyl) are part of adult Henry’s wrap up.

It is inevitable that the fans might get upset that their favorite characters exited the show. However, the showrunners defended themselves, saying that they have done their best to wrap up all the stories. This way, the characters will have a nice send-off. After six years, there is a need to end some journeys, but the hope to move forward remains.

The show will still be about fairytale characters who are trying to find their place in the real world. The creators/producers of the show are also optimistic that if the original series was loved by the fans, the reboot will also find a place in their hearts.

What's next

The stories about Regina, Hook, and Rumple will be continued next year, and what will happen to them without their other family member will also be answered.

The identity of Lucy’s mother will also be revealed. She and Henry have an epic love story, following the show’s tradition and as what Henry’s grandparents. After all, he the grandson of Prince Charming. More regulars are also expected to be added in the show, together with some recurring characters from the original “Once Upon A Time”.