On "The Young and the Restless," Lauren Fenmore/Baldwin's missing son Scotty has returned to genoa city. He is the son of Dr. Scott Granger, who was the half-brother of Christine Williams. We last saw a young Scotty. He is now grown up and going by Scott Granger. Scott, a journalist, was on assignment in the Middle East when he was kidnapped and held for 10 million dollars ransom. Victor Newman secured his release and now has asked the young man to pen his biography. His uncle through marriage, Kevin was the contact person who rescued him, and now the duo are forming a bond.

Ladies Man

Scott went out with Kevin and his then fiancé Chloe. After drinking heavily, Chloe got Mr.Granger on the dance floor and was playfully flirting with him. Lauren asked her good friend Phyllis to date her son. Phyllis declined, but after drinking would up on a couch kissing Scott.

Had Kevin not walked in, things may have gone further. Scott later began spending time around Sharon, and also went on a date with her. When Sharon's daughter Mariah inquired about her relationship with Scott, Sharon turned the tables. She began to encourage Mariah to get to know her fellow journalist better. With all these irons in the fire, it's not clear in what direction romantically, "The Young and the Restless" is heading with Scott Granger."

Scotts real Purpose revealed

Nikki has gone to Scott and asked him not to write her husband's memoirs, while Phyllis has promised him juicy information about Victor Newman if he desires to hear it.

When all of this gets back to Victor, he will no doubt be infuriated. He will not like his wife, nor his ex-daughter in law meddling in his affairs. And Scott will be caught in the middle of several long-standing Genoa City feuds, that he has nothing to do with. In addition to penning Victor's Bio, another purpose for Mr. Granger was revealed on Friday's episode.

Scott's aunt Christine met with him and tried to convince her nephew to do some undercover work. It was clear from the conversation that the two had worked together before. It seems that Scott will be replacing Paul's son Dylan, who previously went undercover and was reporting to Christine. Dylan left town and went into the witness protection program. Whatever may take place with him, in the long run, is yet to be seen. For now, Scott Granger is interacting with the key players in Genoa City, and changing the landscape as he goes along.