Fans of the daytime drama, "The Young and the Restless," have been restless indeed. For six months, viewers have watched and waited, for Chelsea Newman to find out that her best friend Chloe, has been lying. In the last few days, Nick Newman has been uncovering circumstantial evidence that Chloe may have been responsible for the explosion, which killed his brother, and Chelsea's husband, Adam Newman. Today on Y&R, Nick hit pay dirt.

Tracking Chloe

Earlier in the week Nick found a tracking device inside a stuffed animal, belonging to Chelsea and Adam's son Conner.

Chloe admitted planting the device but lied about her reasoning. Yesterday Nick found out that Chloe's cell phone pinged, one hour prior to the explosion. The location was about a half mile from the cabin where Adam died.

Today Nick put a tracking devise on Chloe's car. He followed her and watched as she disposed of something in a trash bin. When Chloe left, Nick went to the bin and retrieved a back pack. The show ended with Mr. Newman pulling out of the bag, the items that led to his brother's death.

Nick will get more than he bargained for

Now that Y&R has finally begun to bring this six-month saga to a close, it will be bittersweet. The unstable Chloe will be exposed for the lying murderer she is.

The truth that Adam's death was not an accident will be revealed. There will however be many repercussions. The friendship between Chloe and Chelsea will be over. Kevin who just proposed to Chloe will be devastated.

Nick will definitely get more than he bargained for, when the entire tale begins to unravel. At the end of the tunnel, as faithful Young and the Restless fans already know, will be Victor Newman.

Nick will find out that his beloved father set in motion, the chain of events that led to his own son's death. Once again the relationship between Victor, Nick and other family members will be strained. And of course there is the possibility for Victor and his beloved wife Nikki to separate and divorce, as they have so many times over the decades. All of that, just because Nicholas Newman found a back-pack today.And Chloe is busted.