On today's episode of "The Young and the Restless," Crazy Chloe was at it again. She was about to slip Kevin's wedding band on his finger, when she realized that the ring in her hand did not belong to her betrothed. It was the ring she took off the finger of Adam Newman before she blew him up in a cabin, 6 months earlier. Chloe put the ring in a drawer and kept it as a reminder. Yesterday Chelsea, who is Chloe's maid of honor and also Adam's widow, found the ring. She knew immediately that her best friend had killed her husband.

How Chelsea handled the situation

Chloe dropped the wedding band and ran to her bedroom, with Chelsea following behind. They argued and finally Chloe admitted that she set the explosion. Her reasoning was that she could not forgive Adam for accidentally killing her daughter Delia in an auto accident. The scene ends when Chelsea slaps her friend in the face. When we see Chelsea again she is knocked out on the floor. Kevin and the preacher, Father Tim are trying to revive her as Chloe is in a car making a fast getaway. Will Chloe make a clean getaway, or will she be involved in an accident and confess all before she dies?.

Tying the loose ends

If Chloe leaves town never to be found, there are too many loose ends that will be left untied.

Without the daughter of Esther, the Chancellor maid no one will realize that Victor Newman set things in motion, that eventually led to his son's death. There is also Chloe's daughter Bella, whose biological father is Billy Newman. Some time after Billy and Chloe's daughter Delia died, Chloe asked Billy to provide her with a sperm donation, so she could have a replacement child.

Billy refused, but Chloe was able to become pregnant again by stealing a sperm donation Billy had at the local hospital.

Chloe has not revealed to one person that Billy is Bella's dad, everyone believes he is someone she met while she was out of town. Should Crazy Chloe never return, who would raise the little girl? Would it be grandma Esther, or Bell's almost step-dad Kevin?

At some point the truth of Bella's paternity must come out. The usual route that soaps take in this situation is to have the child need blood, and somehow the biological dad is always the one whose blood saves the day. without Chloe in town there is no way to connect the dots, and determine why Billy is the child's dad. "The Young and the Restless" must allow Chloe to pay for her sins, and fans need it to be sooner rather than later.