Victor Newman always has ulterior motives for his decisions. This is true in both business and pleasure. On Monday's episode of "The Young and the Restless," he asked Lauren's son Scott to work side by side with his granddaughter Abby.

Both Scott and Abby are apprehensive. They barely know each other, and do not desire to be joined at the hip. Both also know that Victor has a specific reason, for manipulating them.

Victor is suspicious

Scott was a reporter on assignment in the Middle East when he was kidnapped. Victor paid 10 million dollars ransom money to have Scott returned safely.

Now he is attempting to collect on his debt. First he hired Granger to write his biography. Victor scrapped the book, and now wants Scott to work with his granddaughter Abby.

On Monday, Victor noticed a large check made out to Newman Enterprises. When he asked Abby about it, she would not tell him the truth. She sold property that Newman had acquired to her uncle Jack Abbot, who is Victor's arch enemy.

The Mustache realize Abby is keeping something from him. Victor cannot tolerate anyone who is disloyal, so he wants Scott to shadow his granddaughter. He is determined to find out what Abby is hiding.

Victor's dilemma affects everyone

Both Abby and Scott realize Victor is manipulating them. She knows her grandfather does not believe she is capable of handling a top position at Newman.

Scott understands that he is nothing more than a glorified baby sitter.

On Wednesday, Ashley Abbot, Abby's mother is made aware of the situation, and has a heart to heart with all 3. She warns Abby to be careful, and threatens Victor and Scott that they will deal with her, if they do anything to hurt her daughter.

Scott, like everyone else is simply a pawn in the ongoing war between the Newman's and the Abbots.

Victor is never going to seriously consider him as a long term player at "Newman Enterprises."

However, he may use Scott Granger's presence to his advantage, in order to further manipulate his loved ones. Victor also realizes that Abby's loyalty is divided between him, and her mother's family. Therein lies his dilemma.

Victor's son Adam is dead, and his firstborn Nick refuses to work for the company again.

His daughter Victoria is running her own company "Brash and Sassy." Therefore Mr Newman has no heir apparent.

Long time viewers of "The Young and the Restless," realize Abby is deluded, because she was never in the running to take over the family business. Her grandfather is manipulating her and Scott until he can figure out a move that will give him an heir he can trust.