Loyal fans of "The Young and the Restless," were not surprised by Tuesday's announcement by Victor Newman. Long time viewers understood, that he was only temporarily allowing his wife and children, to feel as if they had the upper hand. The Newman patriarch is becoming weary, and let his wife know in no uncertain terms, that she is on a short leash.

Victor always wins

Longtime viewers of "The Young and the Restless" know that Victor Newman always comes out on top. He is the man who gets a reprieve in the 11th hour and is the winner each time. His family knows this very well.

Even so, out of exasperation because of his mounting misdeeds, his wife and two eldest children tried to keep Victor in check. When they found out that Mr. Newman made some bad decisions that led to the death of his son Adam, Nicki, Victoria, and Nicholas decided to blackball him.

Nikki forced her spouse to live in the guest house. Victoria would not allow him to attend her son's 16th birthday party. And Nicholas packed up his daughter Faith, moving her from the ranch and back home with her mother. Victor is taking it all in stride. It's a game of cat and mouse to him. He is temporarily complying with his wife's demands. He is allowing his family to believe they have the upper hand and then he will strike.

Victor Newman is a force of nature, and no earthly force can contain him. His family should know this by now.

The Newman family will pay dearly

On Tuesday's episode, Victor walks into his home, to find Nikki has invited Tessa, someone she just recently met to move in. The Newman patriarch chastises his spouse for allowing this stranger to reside in his home.

He asks Nikki what she really knows about the girl. These are valid points, but Nikki is so filled with anger towards her husband, she is missing warning signs. Nikki gets on her high horse, reminding Victor that she has information that could send him to jail. She is condescending, as she basically tells him to play along.

Her spouse, however, does not back down, he pushes back in grand Victor Newman style.

In that moment, a trace of the Victor Newman that viewers love to hate arises. He boldly announces to his wife, that he is going along with the game she and their children are playing, but it will end when he, Victor decides. Nikki just stands there looking at the man she has married four times. She is allowing pain to cloud her judgment. She has allowed a woman with ulterior motives to reside under her roof. And she has wrongly believed she has the upper hand against the most powerful man in town. Nikki and her family will pay dearly for her lapses in judgment. Tessa will show her hand, and Victor will tighten that short leash he has on his wife.When the dust settles, Victor Newman will be the last man standing, as he always is.