It turns out that Shonda Rhimes hit show "Scandal" is reportedly coming to an end after seven seasons. This show is a huge hit and Fans love it, but E! is reporting that they are done. Now fans are wondering how the show will end and will Olivia Pope live to see the end of it.

What is going on with "Scandal"?

Things have really been heating up on "scandal" and going great. Olivia Pope's dad is on a mission to escape, and there is still a big fight over who is going to be in charge of the entire country. It even looks like Olivia could end up back with Fritz, which would be a great way to end the show.

These two seem like they are meant for each other, but just can't make it work out.

When will the show be over?

The show will continue into 2018. This gives Shonda Rhimes a long time to be able to finish up the story lines that she is working on and give the fans closure at the end of "Scandal." That part is great, but that doesn't make anyone happier about the fact that the show is coming to an end now.

So far, this has not been officially announced, but ABC is expected to make the official announcement at its Upfront presentation in New York City next week. There are rumors running wild that it has something to do with Donald Trump, but nobody seems to know for sure. The show "Scandal" does focus on the President of the United States so there could be a connection somehow.

This isn't the first time that "Scandal" has allegedly been canceled. Back in 2016, Lara Spencer said on "Good Morning America" that it would be the last season. Shonda went to Twitter to speak out against that, though. She said, "Whoa, @GMA: I never said this was the final season of #Scandal. Way to make me spit out my coffee!" This time around Shonda Rhimes hasn't even been to her Twitter saying anything at all.

Kerry Washington revealed before that it isn't up to her when "Scandal" comes to an end, but is more up to Shonda Rhimes and everyone else involved. She has never played a character for this long, and things have gone really well for her being Olivia Pope. You know that she has picked up a lot of fans that will be sad to see her leave, but will also follow her to any new show that she ends up on in the future.

Are you shocked to hear that "Scandal" is coming to an end? Will you miss this show? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss the rest of "Scandal" on Thursday nights on ABC. At least, you will get the rest of this season and another one before it ends.