Rapper Kanye West is changing the way he does things these days. He has started by shutting down his Twitter and Instagram accounts. No one has seen West on social media since May 5. That is very interesting because that was the same day he and his wife Kim Kardashian West launched their kids' clothing line. Apparently, West doesn't' need social media as a way to advertise the clothes.

Why Kanye gave up social media

The reason the 39-year-old singer gave for not using social media any longer is because he says it's not necessary for his creative process.

Perhaps he said that because in the past, he has had a few feuds on Twitter with some of his competitors in the music business, such as with Wiz Khalifa and others.

The 21-time Grammy winner said social media is not a healthy outlet for him and certainly not now that he is in a different place. He added that from now on he is going to focus on things that matter to him and his family.

Things that matter

Things that matter to Kanye include more than his kids' clothing line. According to TMZ, he has been away for several weeks at a Wyoming mountaintop retreat to work on a follow-up to his 2016's "The Life of Pablo" album.

This is not unusual because he traditionally records in remote places far from the maddening crowd.

For many years, he has spent time in Jamaica to work in solitude on his projects.

Sources say his upcoming album will be titled "Turbo Grafx 16." For now, Kanye's computer screens are all blank as far as his social media accounts are concerned. While Kanye has shut down his accounts, his wife still has hers open.

Fans now know why Kanye has not been seen recently.

People wondered why he did not escort Kim to the recent Met Gala. In fact, he has not been seen in public since he and Kim were spotted out together in February at a Valentine's Day dinner.

It was quite noticeable that he did not show up at his own Yeezy Season 5 fashion show in February. Kim was there sitting in the front row, but Kanye was a no-show and now we know why.

He will continue to be absent from other events while he is working on his upcoming album.

Kanye is staying focused as he works on his next album. Fans are reminded that Kanye hasn't performed on stage since he abruptly canceled his tour and was hospitalized last November. He spent several days in UCLA Medical Center for psychiatric evaluation. It was determined that he was overworked and needed to rest. More than likely, he is getting the rest he needs, as well as focusing on his next project.