Jill and Colin are expected to return from their world travels in June. Their time away should have given the couple the rest and relaxation they deserve. It also should have equipped them with the strength they will need for all the drama and chaos awaiting them in Genoa City.

The drama continues

The "Young and the Restless" has turned up the heat during May Sweeps. Jill and Colin are going to walk into several hornets nests when they return home. When the couple departed Genoa City all was well with their adult children and grandchildren. Lilly and Cane were in a good place in their marriage while Billy and Victoria were also getting along.

It even looked as if Jill's son and his former wife might reunite.Since Colin and Jill departed, however, things have changed.

Their children and grandchildren have all been dealing with continuous drama. Cane drank too much sake in Tokyo and slept with Juliet who followed him back to town and got a job working beside him at "Brash and Sassy." Lilly is clueless and now she and Juliet are becoming friends. Hillary taped Juliet confessing to sleeping with Cane and has given the info to Lilly. Once she listens to the tape, Lilly and Cane's marriage will be in jeopardy. Jill who is recovering from a heart attack does not need to be concerned with any of this.

Before leaving town Jill set some things in motion that would bring Billy and Victoria closer together.

Unfortunately, they had a major misunderstanding which sent him back into the arms of Phyllis. Vickie's son Reed was dating Zoe whom he caught kissing Cane and Lilly's son Charlie. Now Reed is interested in Charlie's sister Mattie. Both Reed and Charlie have been bad mouthing each other without realizing all that connects them in Genoa City.

Cane is at the center of it all

Most disturbing is that Colin's son Cane is out to sabotage his stepbrother Billy. Jill loves Cane as if he were her own flesh and blood. She believed that Cane, Billy, and Victoria were all on the same page when she took off to travel the world. She and her spouse will be devastated to learn what their son has been up to.

Jess Walton and Tristan Rogers will be a welcome relief when they return to "The Young and the Restless."

Cane paid to have a commercial edited to show Billy joking about gambling with ball players.The team owner was so upset he was about to cancel the deal with "Brash and Sassy." Juliet knows that Cane told her to send in the commercial without viewing it but she has kept mum. Now Victoria has fired her because Juliet allowed the footage to be aired sight unseen. Genoa City has definitely changed since Colin took his wife abroad. And the drama is increasing.

Cane was hoping Billy would be fired and he is lived.He believes Victoria is blind where her ex-husband is concerned. Jill trusted she sold her company to the right person. And now all this chaos is taking place on Victoria's watch. Colin and his spouse will have their hands full trying to put out all the fires when they arrive back in town in June.