Jess Walton, who portrays Jill Abbot on "The Young and the Restless," took a hiatus to welcome her first granddaughter. She will return later this year. On the show, Jill and her husband Colin, are traveling the world completing a bucket list. A lot has been going on since Jill left town. Her son Billy has created a mess, that she and Colin may not be able to straighten out.

A mother's love for a misguided son

Jill loves her son so much that she acquired the company "Brash and Sally," in order to help Billy reunite with his ex Victoria. Billy, Victoria, and Colin's son Cane were hired to run the business together.

Later Jill sold "Brash and Sassy to Victoria, who continued to work with her ex, and also Cane. During this time Billy and Victoria began getting closer. It looked as if they might get back together. Unfortunately, Billy hooked up with Phyllis, the woman he had an affair with, when she was married to his brother Jack.

Victoria is devastated that she lost the opportunity to put her family back together. Cane is angry, because he believes Billy is a spoiled mama's boy who needs to grow up. Victoria still wants to get back together with Billy. Will she have an ally in Jill when her former mother in law returns to town? Jill will no doubt be livid to find all her hard work has gone down the drain.

As in the past she will chastise Billy, which will cause him to be even more determined to make things work with Phyllis.

How will Jill and Colin intervene, and will it make a difference?

Jill loves Victoria, and detests Phyllis. When she comes home, she will more than likely have a heart to heart with Vicky and encourage her.

Colin will be by her side, reminding her to take it easy, because she is supposed to take it easy, since having had a heart attack. Jill may even use her condition to try to influence Billy to walk away from Phyllis and return to Victoria.

On Friday's episode of "The Young and the Restless," Victor Newman spotted Phyllis and Billy together at a restaurant.

These are two of his least favorite people in Genoa City. Billy's ex Victoria is his daughter, and Phyllis was once married to his son Nick. Victor has interfered in both their lives, so the loathing is mutual. Should Victor decide to meddle with this couple, Billy will need his mother's assistance in order to deal with his and Phyllis former father in law. Jill is a formidable opponent, and not afraid to go up against the most powerful man in town. This is especially true, when it comes to her one and only son. Jess Walton and Tristan Rogers will certainly be welcome when they return to the "Y&R" set.