“The Young and the Restless” spoilers indicate that Jill and Colin's international travels will not end up keeping them away from Genoa City all that long. The two nearly split after he “borrowed” money from her accounts and her health nosedived as a result. However, Jill ultimately realized that she wanted to keep Colin in her life and they headed out of town together. Now, however, the word is that they'll be back in Genoa City quite soon.

'Y&R' fans initially worried that the duo might stay away

CBS Soaps in Depth notes that when Jill and Colin last left Genoa City, actor Tristan Rogers, who plays Colin, tweeted out to fans that there were no plans for the pair to appear again on “Young and Restless” anytime soon.

However, actress Jess Walton, who plays Jill, was quick to jump in and say that the pair would be back and they were just taking a break for a bit.

Dedicated “Young and Restless” fans can't imagine Walton's Jill staying away from the show permanently, and they are used to her being away for regular stretches. Jess she spends a lot of time with her husband at their home in Oregon where her extended family lives, and she was anxious to spend time in Oregon this spring as she had a third grandbaby on the way. It sounds as if Walton and Rogers got their fill of being away now because now they're headed back soon.

Colin and Jill's return is right around the corner

Recently, Walton shared that she and Rogers would be back at work quite soon, with a return on-air in June.

Soap Opera Digest confirms that Jill and Colin are about to return to Genoa City, as they are set to begin taping scenes in a couple of weeks. A specific air date featuring their return has not been detailed yet, but “Young and Restless” fans will not have to wait too long from the sounds of things.

What kind of storyline is on the way for Jill and Colin this time?

“The Young and the Restless” spoilers have teased that Billy may end up torn between Phyllis and Victoria, and Jill will certainly have an opinion on that situation if it's still up in the air when she returns. In addition, Colin's son Cane is in a bit of a pickle himself, thinking that he slept with Juliet and cheated on Lily while on a business trip abroad.

Viewers will have to stay tuned to see where those storylines stand when Walton and Rogers come back in June, but there is no doubt they'll have some fun scenes upon their return. Additional "Young and Restless" spoilers breaking down what is on the way for Colin and Jill should emerge soon and their fans hope that something juicy is in the works.