When “Fear the Walking Dead” returns to AMC on June 4 for its third season, fans are reportedly going to experience a non-stop onslaught of violence and gore in the two-hour season premiere. According to showrunner Dave Erickson, the action will be “spectacular” and he said their goal is to not give the audience, or the characters in the show, “a chance to breathe.” He said the stakes of season 3 will be established very quickly as the zombie horror show returns.

Madison and Nick to reunite in ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Season 3

There is some good news, as Kim Dickens's character, Madison will get together with her son Nick (with Frank Dillane in the role) in the third season.

However, the bad news is that the whole family will start Season 3 imprisoned by the militia group we saw at the end of the second season.

Talking of the militia, Erickson says these guys had definitely anticipated that democracy would fall but didn’t expect the dead to rise. Dayton Callie plays Jeremiah Otto Sr., the leader of said militia, who captured Ofelia in the last season. According to Erickson, Otto is the “king of his domain," and he wants to create a new nation after his own design. However, it is unclear whether

According to Erickson, Otto is the “king of his domain," and he wants to create a new nation after his own design. However, it is unclear whether Madison, Nick, and their friends will be welcome there.

Meanwhile, Madison is turning into a leader figure and is said to be “more tactical” in Season 3. While she made mistakes while looking for her son, that all stops with the new season, as she thinks up ways to manipulate their new situation to protect her family.

Daniel Salazar to return from the 'dead'

While we thought Rubén Blades' character, Daniel Salazar was dead, when he torched himself along with a Mexican compound in the last season, it turns out he’s still out there. Erickson said that while he thinks it was important that the characters, especially Ofelia, believed he was lost, he himself thinks Salazar’s return is well overdue and we’ll definitely see him again during Season 3.

Strand returns to his con man ways

As reported by Entertainment Weekly, Colman Domingo's character, Strand looks to change character from the kinder person he had become in Season 2. Erickson teases that Strand will be heading back into his con man ways in Season 3 of "Fear the Walking Dead". What he is best at is recognizing what is worth exploiting, and then going ahead and doing just that.

While fans of the original zombie seriesThe Walking Dead” have been known to refer to “Fear the Walking Dead” as being a little lame in comparison, this will reportedly change drastically.

Buddy TV report that fans should definitely give the “other” zombie show a chance and that it will be a great way to fill in the gap until TWD returns for Season 8.

Erickson says in Season 3 things are going to get much darker, where characters will be brought into an uglier, twisted place, where they will have to find a way to retain their hope and former humanity. According to Erickson, they won’t all manage that very well. He added that particularly with Madison, the story will be very dark before it finally sees some light.

Season 3 of “Fear the Walking Dead” will premiere with a two-hour special on June 4, on AMC.