George Martin's "The Winds of Winter" Release Date has taken too long leaving fans to wonder what could be the reason for its delay. During the previous reports, fans rejoiced when they learned the news that it will be launched before the year ends. However, another report claimed that the release date of the highly-anticipated novel is delayed again. Meanwhile, there were also reports claiming that Neil Gaiman, "American Gods" author, is co-writing with Martin in order to execute the release.

On the other hand, one of the most reasonable things that caused the delay of "The Winds of Winter" is Martin's busy schedule.

Some speculations suggest that he might be working on another project after HBO announced the “Game of Thrones” spinoff. There is a good chance for him to shift his focus into the spin-off since fans know very well that he works in close collaboration with the series producers.

Martin's schedule causes the delay

Many fans are disappointed knowing that the novel's release date will be pushed back again. Most of them learned that Martin is currently helping the writers of "Game of Thrones" that HBO has tasked to work for the project. To recall, he previously revealed that he was closely working with a charity group and when it wrapped up, he will then focus on the book.

However, another report claimed that another project is slated on Martin's plate.

Most probably, "The Winds of Winter" is unlikely to happen this year. Martin also added that he is aware how disappointed everyone is, but he also emphasized that he is more disappointed as well. The author also added that he still has more chapters to write before the novel gets completed.

Meanwhile, some reports revealed that the book would possibly come out after "Game of Thrones" season 8 despite Martin's hectic schedule.

Moreover, fans are still hoping that the author will drop them a surprise before the year ends.

Martin to work on 'Game of Thrones' next season

Fans know very well that George Martin has close working relationship with the "Game of Thrones" producers. In fact, one of the speculations claims that "Game of Thrones" upcoming season could be one of the reasons for the delay of his novel.

Reports claimed that he would be working on the next season of this HBO hit series.

Earlier last year, Martin also expressed his disappointments of his novel's delay. It appears that the author himself is not happy with the progress of his book release. For now, fans can only wait for further updates that the author will soon give.