Quinn and Ridge will feel that the world is getting smaller for them. "The Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers for Wednesday reveal that Katie is about to expose the secret that the two of them have kept under wrap. Ridge will suggest that they need to take Katie's mouth under control.

For several times, Katie has been tossing demands over Quinn, and she just can't take it anymore. Every time Katie doesn't get what she wants, Quinn will think that she is already a dangerous threat to her. On the other hand, Ridge will think that Quinn has been overreacting.

He will vow to deal with her and will do his best to shut Katie's mouth. He will come up with a plan that will shut her off and move on with their respective lives.

Quinn anxious over Katie's threat

Despite the plans that Ridge will come up with, Quinn still doesn't believe the idea that they can control Katie over her threat. She feels like living in fear especially if Eric will know about her secret. On the brighter side, Quinn doesn't have to be afraid forever because eventually, the secret will still come out. spoilers reveal that sooner all her secrets will explode down the road and this won't stop Eric from asking questions about it.

Meanwhile, Katie will confess to Eric that something is happening between Quinn and Ridge.

However, she will not expose all the secrets. She doesn't like to lose all the benefit if she exposes the whole truths. On the other hand, Eric will still insist about the secret. Katie will make some excuses to appease Eric about it.

Saul's jealousy to outgrow

More spoilers of "The Bold and the Beautiful" reveal that Saul and Thomas will finally face off in the Spectra Fashion.

It has been known that Saul has a crush on Sally. Literally, he doesn't like the idea of having Thomas around her as her business partner. To this end, Thomas will add fuel to this conflict.

Saul finds it hard to deal with Thomas as his boss. He believes that he has done everything for Sally and has been a loyal employee to the Spectra Fashions.

However, Sally still ends up choosing a handsome, tall and wealthy Thomas over a struggling Saul. Apparently, jealousy is the brewing issue over here.

Further, given the fact that Thomas came from the Forrester Creations, he wants some things done in the most genuine way. He will expect Saul to deal with his program and everything that he wants to implement. In this case, Saul will most likely shove off his job from the Spectra.