Comedian Kathy Griffin has come under fire for taking part in a controversial photo-shoot based around President Donald Trump. Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway decided to speak out, but her message didn't go over well on social media.

Conway on Griffin

Once it became clear that Donald Trump was officially running for president, it didn't take long before liberal-leaning Hollywood celebrities spoke out against his candidacy. During the entire 2016 presidential election, the political tension in the United States reached an all-time high, as liberal and conservative Americans clashed on a daily basis over a variety of issues.

While Trump was able to gain popularity through his controversial rhetoric and policy proposals, he also alienated many high-profiled celebrities in the process. Trump quickly became the source of comedic mockery on "Saturday Night Live," as well as for talk show hosts like Bill Maher and Stephen Colbert. One of Trump's most vocal critics has been comedian Kathy Griffin, who recently posted a photo of herself holding a mock version of Trump's decapitated head. Despite Griffin issuing an apology later in the day, Kellyanne Conway fired back on her Twitter account on May 30.

Taking to Twitter on Tuesday night, Kellyanne Conway decided to respond to Kathy Griffin's photo-shoot where she posed with the aforementioned decapitated head.

"Kathy Griffin did not misspeak or misstep. She plotted & posed for photo-shoot," Conway tweeted, before adding, "Ample time for reflection/correction."

Twitter reacts

Not long after Kellyanne Conway tweeted out over Kathy Griffin's photo-shoot, Twitter users quickly hit back at the former Donald Trump campaign manager.

"Whatever KELLYANNE. It was #alternativecomedy. Just like your #alternativefacts," one social media user tweeted out.

"No one has defended this and she has apologized.

Take your faux outrage and sit on it," a tweet read. "This was the Bowling Green Massacre of photo shoots," a follow-up message added. "And then she apologized immediately. When liberals go to far, they apologize. Chickensh*t GOP never apologized for Obama lynching rhetoric," an additional tweet noted.

"And yet, she did say the words 'I'm sorry.' Showing a maturity your 'employer' never shows.

So, kindly, do a crossword or otherwise shut up," a Twitter user wrote. The opposition to Kellyanne Conway continued, as the rift between those on the left and right doesn't look to be slowing down anytime soon.