The Spectra Fashion show seemed to be going off without a hitch today, on "The Bold and the Beautiful." The models were elegant on the runway, and the crowd was enjoying the styles. Sally, her grandma, Darlita, and Saul were In 7th heaven, hearing the cha ching from all those sales. Little did they know that all their hard work was about to hit a snag.

Spectras are not Foresters

Jared Maxwell, who had seen Sally's original designs, began to smell a rat. He recalled saying the young Ms. Spectra had raw talent, and realized that the fashions he was now looking at were a little too extravagant and surprisingly similar to the styles created by the Foresters.

On the other side of the room, Coco is noticing the similarities between what is coming down the runway and what had been locked away in the Forester vault.

Just as Sally's little sis is putting it together, and says to Darlita that somehow these designs were stolen, Thomas Forester arrives. He too figures it out, and as Sally is talking to her boys, Thomas looks like he could spit nails. He had seen Sally's original designs and told her she had potential. Sally told Thomas that soon enough he would realize why they could not be together, and now he is looking in the face of the harsh truth. Sally is just like her namesake. She is building her reputation be stealing from Thomas' family the same way her great aunt did decades ago.

The fallout

Sally Spectra had reluctantly broke up with Thomas Forester because her grandmother convinced her she was a knock-off artist, and not in the same league as the Foresters, personally or professionally. Now she must look into his eyes after stealing from his family. Jared Maxwell is being pressured by his boss, Bill Spencer, to write a scathing review so that Sally will have to pack up and leave, and Bill can purchase the property.

Jared is conflicted because the designs are so good. He then sees a way out. He begins saying into his voice recorder that he suspects the designs originally were Forester creations. This story will keep him in the good graces of Dollar Bill Spencer. Coco will probably get the blame for it all, and this will hinder her budding romance with R.J.

Thomas. He pledged his love to a woman who ripped off his family. This entire situation is one big mess. It does not look at this point that there is any way to salvage it. But viewers know eventually the snags will work out. For now, however, the 2 couples will just have to deal with their pain.