Last week on "The Bold and the Beautiful," Ridge fired his son Thomas from Forrester Creations." Thomas betrayed his family by giving money to Sally Spectra, who stole millions in Forrester designs. Eric and Steffy believe Ridge acted too hastily and want Thomas back in the fold. They are afraid he will be tempted by Sally Spectra. Now, Ridge is rethinking his decision, but it may be too late. Thomas is already sleeping with the enemy.

Thomas and Sally take it to the next level

Thomas and Sally up to this point had only shared a few kisses. On Friday, the two took the relationship to the next level and spent the night together.

When Sally went to work her grandmother and co-workers were grilling her but she did not give them details. At the same time Thomas was summoned to the Forrester building to meet with his family members who work for the company.

Ridge called Thomas to the meeting, along with Steffy and Eric. He expects his son to dump Ms. Spectra and recoup the million dollars. Then Ridge will welcome him back to the family business. Eric and Steffy also want to see Thomas designing for Forrester again. They, however, understand that Thomas is in love and cannot be forced to stop seeing Sally. Now that the couple are sleeping together the bond between them is even stronger.

The future of Spectra and Forrester

Thomas was hurt that Ridge fired him so abruptly. The tension between the father and son may help Thomas make his decision. It could cause him to walk away from the Family Business. Also, now that he and Sally have consummated their relationship, Thomas is not going to give up the woman he loves.

It seems that "The Bold and the Beautiful" is setting things up for Thomas to walk away from Forrester Creations.

He is a young, rich, spoiled playboy who lacks the maturity to make a truly informed business decision. He is also in love and not thinking too clearly. Thomas will probably go to work for Spectra rather than start his own business.

After all, he invested one million dollars in the company. He may decide to lend his expertise to the up-and-coming Sally and make sure he gets a good return.

This may bring back the rivalry between the Spectra and Forrester families from decades gone by. Instead of Sally's clan stealing designs they will have a Forrester on their team. One who will gladly utilize all the skills and know-how he has gleaned from his family business. Thomas continuing to work with his own kin would not be nearly as exciting.