The premiere episode of "Rick and Morty" season 3 surprised everyone in the world when it aired on April Fool’s Day. Most of the fans thought that it was only part of the joke however it turned out to be real. Episode 1 has left fans dying to want for more from the adventure of "Rick and Morty."

Previous reports claimed that the production team is only waiting for the animation to finish its work and they would be ready to air the second episode. Further, details of the upcoming episode have been limited, but it has been believed that it will air this summer.

Morty seeks help from Rick

There are previous reports which revealed that most of the episodes of "Rick and Morty" third installment are all based on famous films. The episode 1 which has a title of "The Rickshank Redemption" is believed to be based from "The Shawshank Redemption." Meanwhile, Episode 2 title "Rickmancing the Stone" is also based on another movie in 1984, "Romancing the Stone." Most of the fans expect that this episode sees Rick fall in love with someone in his journey finally.

The upcoming episode is expected to bring another exciting scene of Rick's life. Fans are looking forward to seeing him in love with someone in his next journey because he has been reluctant over romance.

However, some experts suggest that "Rick and Morty" third installment second episode sees Morty asking help from Rick to save Summer Smith.

At some point, they may look familiar to some fans who have watched "Romancing the Stones" since both almost have the same storyline. With this news, fans become more excited with the second episode.

As of now, creators have not announced the precise date of premiere yet but it will most likely air in July.

Episode 2 sees a new villain

In the next episode, "Rick and Morty" season 3 is expected to introduce a new villain through Jerry Smith. To recall, Galactic Federation has already controlled the power over the earth. Apparently, the federation has even turned the Eiffel Tower in Paris into a big weapon.

It is just another way to prove that Galactic Federation is a bunch of megalomaniacs.

Meanwhile, it is believed that Jerry Smith has found a sense of joy to the Galactic Federation. It seems that he is happy that somebody is already controlling the earth. Spoilers reveal that Smith will cause some troubles with other characters especially to Rick. Smith will probably give his support to the federation.