Jenelle Evans is spending time in court today fighting for custody of her son Jace. The “Teen Mom” star signed over custody of her firstborn son during the first couple weeks of his life, as she couldn't care for him. Her mother Barbara decided to take over custody so Jace didn’t go into the foster care system. Since then, the two have been fighting over where he should live and Jenelle has tried desperately to change her life. Barbara agreed that she would sign back custody once Jenelle got her life in order but it sounds like Barbara is going back on her promise.

Jenelle has tried desperately to change her life despite having a lengthy criminal record and various mug shots. She was once addicted to drugs but these days she has built a home and has two kids with David Eason.

Jenelle Evans has waited two years to get a court date where she will face her mother over the custody of Jace. It has been a long time coming but today might be the day where Jenelle finally gets to bring Jace home in her care. And while many people are waiting on social media to hear what the judge rules, many of her fans are reaching out with words of support and encouragement.

Jenelle Evans' fans hoping for a change

On social media, it is clear that Jenelle Evans’ fans are hoping for a big change.

Many of them are hoping that this is the day that she gets to bring home Jace and her mother can finally drop the drama surrounding the custody case.

Evans has revealed that her mother is carrying on the drama in relation to "Teen Mom 2" because MTV pays her a great amount of money to appear on the TV show and Jenelle has continuously revealed how it breaks her heart that Jace is in the middle of this drama.

Her fans are hoping that she's finally able to bring her son home so that her storyline on the show can start reflecting her positive life and her many changes.

Would it be a mistake to remove Jace from Barbara's home?

On “Teen Mom 2”, Barbara has continued to say that it would break her heart if Jace was removed from her care.

She claims that Jace tells her all the time that he wants to stay with her and she's afraid that he will end up resenting her if something goes wrong while he's staying with his biological mother, Jenelle.

And some people on social media do agree with her that it would be the right decision to leave Jace in her care. However, it would be the right thing for Jace to at least try to live with his biological mother so he can be close to both his brother Kaiser and his sister Ensley. No word from the courtroom on whether the judge has ruled in Jenelle’s favor, but many people are hoping that this is the day where the Custody Battle will finally end.

What do you think about this custody battle? Do you think Jenelle Evans should finally be able to get her son in her legal care?