There is a major catfight going down between pop singers Katy Perry and Taylor Swift and it doesn't appear that the feud is going away anytime soon, especially since Katy Perry just confirmed that the feud was real.

Katy Perry confirms feud with Taylor Swift

This celebrity girl feud is getting uglier by the minute. Katy recently told James Corden that Taylor is the one who started this beef according to a report from the LA Times. Here is how Katy Perry alleges it all began. She revealed that three of her dance crew members wanted to join up with Taylor Swift during the "Red" tour since Katy was between albums and tours.

When and how will Taylor Swift strike back?

She explained that she had no issues with her backup dancers taking on an outside gig, but, she said she told them upfront that the next year they would be expected to return to her crew for her new tour.

Long story short, when the new year came and Katy was ready to get back to business she called the dancers, who in return let Taylor know time was up and that is when all the "Bad Blood" began to flow. Perry claims that T-Swift was so ticked off by the situation that she went behind Katy's back making sweet offers to other members of Perry's crew and Katy believes Taylor purposely tried to sabotage her tour.

Katy claims she did the mature thing and reached out to Taylor in an attempt to have a conversation with her on the matter, but was abruptly denied by Swift, and this is when the "Bad Blood" tune sprang to life.

Perry adds that she is more than willing to squash this whole thing on one condition...that Taylor is the one to reach out to her. However, now Perry has released a new song, "Swish Swish" which slams Swift, so the odds of this ever happening are close to zero. What we can probably expect is a musical slapback coming from Taylor, we all know that Swifty's music thrives on drama and revenge so things could get even more interesting between these two women.

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What happens next? Well, since Katy's new album is getting ready to come out and this whole beef thing with Taylor continues to heat up, that means fans are taking an even bigger interest in the two. Some unnamed publicists according to Jezebel believe Taylor should lay low because anything she says or does at this time is just going to aid in Katy's record sales and success.

Another thinks that this feud is an absolute goldmine for both, every celebrity fan loves the drama, they should strike while the iron is still hot. However, it does appear that both of the singers know very well that the diss tracks will sell and pad their already plump bank accounts even more.

What are your thoughts on the Taylor Swift and Katy Perry feud?