The new trailer for the upcoming season of “Game of Thrones” has dropped. It looks like winter is not the only thing that has come to Westeros. It sounds like the final war for the throne of the Seven Kingdoms is drawing nigh. In the meantime, the white walker invasion that might make the entire game moot is brewing in the north. One can hardly wait until the show starts airing on HBO this July.

Cersei and Jamie at bay

Queen Cersei and her brother and one-time lover Jamie find themselves surrounded by enemies. Cersei has slaughtered all of her enemies in King’s Landing and has become queen in her own right, with her husband and children dead.

Surrounded by enemies, Cersei is becomingly defiant, vowing to defeat all comers. She declares, “We are the last Lannisters – who count.” Such bravery is, no doubt, charming. But no one should count Cersei out yet until she is truly dead -- and maybe not even then.

Daenerys is on the march

The other Lannister, Tyrion, is with the army of Daenerys, who has declared herself born to rule. She has a lot of firepower at her beck and call to back up her claim, including Dothraki cavalry, the unsullied infantry, and her ace in the hole, an air force in the form of three fire-breathing dragons. One scene in the trailer depicts a cavalry charge with air support in the shape of a dragon that looks as large as a flying battleship.

That charge is likely the last thing that a lot of fine, young men see in this life.

Jon Snow, the King in the North

Meanwhile, Jon Snow, the bastard scion of the House Stark, has been declared the King in the North. Sansa, his half-sister, no longer the sweet, little girl abused by one man or another, is at his side. However, Snow has a bigger problem than the argument over who will sit on the Iron Throne.

The white walkers are getting ready to pour over the ice wall and, if they are not stopped, Westeros will be a graveyard. It may be a good idea for that fight over the crown to conclude as rapidly as possible. Jon really could use those dragons about now.

Where is Arya?

Jon’s other half-sister, Arya, does not appear in the trailer.

We last saw her crossing off Walder Frey from her list of people who need to be dead. She could be the wild card in the coming war. If she can manage to cross off Cersei, then Daenerys can become queen, and the combined armies can march north to deal with the real threat. But when and if that happens is a matter of conjecture for now.