The reactions to terrorist outrages such as the slaughter of the innocents at a concert in Manchester, Great Britain are sadly predictable. Politicians will condemn the barbarity of the act and vow to take measures to make sure it doesn’t happen again – at least until it does. Media talking heads will lecture piously about Islamophobia, pointed out that most Muslims do not blow themselves up to slaughter little girls. Singer Katy Perry is the first from the entertainment industry to weigh on the matter and what she had to say was a real beauty.

Katy Perry’s prescription for fighting terrorism

Katy Perry was on “The Elvis Duran Show” when she was asked about the terrorist attack in Manchester. She shares a lot of her fan base with Ariana Grande, whose concert was closed with such a bloody climax by a suicide bomber named Salman Abedi, so she naturally has a particular connection to the event. In any case, her idea for fighting terrorism was, “I think that the greatest thing we could do is just unite and love on each other, and like, no barriers, no borders, like, we all need to just co-exist.”

But terrorism is not about unity, love, and co-existence

Perry is a pop singer and not a counter-terrorism expert. But one does not have to be Sebastian Gorka to understand how silly it is to suggest that no barriers and no borders are in anyway a proper response to the slaughter of 22 innocents by the son of Libyan immigrants.

Perry, if she chooses to spout off opinions about anything that doesn’t have to do with music, to make sure they are informed ones. One salient fact is that the terrorists are not moved by love. They are motivated entirely by hate, burning, volcanic rage against everything having to do with Western culture, especially pop music, the people who perform it, and the people who listen to it.

For an Islamist terrorist, what was happening in Manchester, at least before the explosion, was immoral and an affront to God.

What the terrorists would do to Katy Perry if they could

Katy Perry should count herself lucky that no one has set off a bomb at one of her concerts. Ariana Grande is going to have some trouble filling venues for a while because of what happened in Manchester and will have to institute strict security protocols when she next performs in public.

What the terrorists would do to Perry if she fell into her hands does not bear mentioning. One should only note what happened to Kayla Jean Mueller when she fell into the hands of ISIS. It will be for love of our civilization when we cleanse the planet of such evil losers with fire and sword.