Mark Sheppard has made it extremely clear that he will not return to “Supernatural” season 13. It doesn’t look like this has been completely his decision. While fans are extremely upset and annoyed that one of their favorite characters will not return to the show, they continue to speculate why. Many have jumped to the idea that Sheppard and one of the showrunners or producers had a falling out.

Mark Sheppard has “no plans” to return

Fans first learned of the possibility of Sheppard not returning to “Supernatural season 13 on Tuesday through an Instagram post.

The actor thanked fans, the cast, and the crew for his time on the show. His character Crowley first appeared in season 5 and became a series regular in season 10.

He later confirmed that he wouldn’t return after producer Jim Michaels shared on Twitter to never say never. Even dead characters return to “Supernatural” regularly, especially those who are loved by fans. Sheppard fired back to say that there are “no plans” for him to return. The way the tweet was worded suggested that this wasn’t his decision to leave the show.

Not attending Creation conventions

Fans got another blow afterward. Sheppard confirmed that he would also not attend any Creation convention events. However, there is the chance that he will appear at some of the others.

It sounds like the issue has been with Creation rather than particular members of the crew of “Supernatural.”

Some fans wonder whether Creation has led to Sheppard’s character being killed off. It is possible that being part of the show as a regular means conventions are mandatory. As Sheppard isn’t working with Creation conventions anymore, it is possible that he had to be written out of the show.

Sheppard isn’t the only “Supernatural” actor disappointed with Creation. Kim Rhodes recently shared that she will sign her Respect campaign poster for free. This is despite Creation saying that all signings must be paid for. Rhodes has said that anyone who is told this should speak to her personally or her management team and they will organize a free signing for that particular item.

Fans are also annoyed with Creation. Filming at the conventions is now not allowed. Most fans got information from the YouTube videos that fans shared, so not to be misled by articles that took comments and words out of context. Now they will struggle to get the true information.

Time for a change on ‘Supernatural’

Sheppard stated that it was time for a change on his Instagram post. This means a change for “Supernatural” fans and they are certainly not happy. There are theories that Crowley will return in a new meat suit, but fans will definitely not be happy with that. Time will tell what is going to happen in “Supernatural” season 13 and who really is dead and gone.