Less than a week after the Manchester attacks, which killed 22 people, Ariana Grande has promised she will return. She wants to perform at a Benefit Concert to remember those who died at the hands of the lone terrorist. This is despite rumors that she was thinking about giving up her singing career after feeling responsible for the attacks.

Twenty-two die after Ariana Grande concert

At the end of Grande’s concert, a bomb exploded at Manchester Arena. That led to panic and a stampede, as people attempted to get out of the arena as quickly as possible.

Families were split up and police quickly reacted suspecting a terrorist attack. Grande was ushered out of the venue as quickly as possible.

Just a day later, reports came that 22 people had died in the horrific terrorist attack. Grande was grief-stricken, hearing about the deaths; some of them young children. Initially, reports came out that she blamed herself, but she is now focused on a benefit concert.

Returning to the ‘brave city of Manchester’

The 23-year-old singer has shared on Twitter that she is returning to the “brave city of Manchester.” She wants to honor those who died and raise money for the families affected.

She also noted that a time of attack is a time to come together and sing louder than ever before.

Grande’s comments mimic those of people living in and around Manchester. The people of the city have made it clear that they will not be beaten by the attacks. A candlelit vigil was done in honor of the dead the day after the attacks.

The youngest victim was just eight years old.

While Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attacks, the police are still looking into the details of the lone bomber. It is highly likely that this was a solo attack. The attacker was from Manchester and had been radicalized through the internet.

Details of the benefit concert to be released

Right now, there are no details of the benefit concert. Grande shares that those details will be released at a later date. Her PR and management team will need to work together to organize something in Manchester as soon as possible. The location of the concert is also unclear.

She went on to say that her crowd of “Arianators” (the name given to her fandom) will remain inclusive and supportive. Her Dangerous Woman Tour was supposed to be a safe space, celebrating the independence and strength of young women and girls. This focus will not change moving forward.

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