"Days Of Our Lives" has been busy shaking up the cast. Old characters are returning, some actors are extending their contracts, and new people are traveling to Salem. This includes Morgan Fairchild and rumors state that she could play Ava's mother on the NBC soap opera.

Morgan Fairchild confirmed to join 'DOOL'

A rep for "Days Of Our Lives" confirmed to "She Knows Soaps" that Morgan Fairchild will be making an appearance. She will be seen on television screens this summer. Few details were released about the casting decision, but the actress is no stranger to soap operas.

She played Sydney Chase on "General Hospital." She also has over 140 movie and TV credits to her name.

Who will actress play on 'Days Of Our Lives?'

On social media, fans are speculating that Fairchild could play Ava's mother. This will make for an interesting and potentially dangerous storyline. As viewers know, Joey Johnson (James Lastovic) killed Ava. However, Steve "Patch" Johnson (Stephen Nichols) took the blame for the murder. Now that Steve and Ava's son, Tripp (Lucas Adams) is in Salem, he wants answers.

Will Joey's secret come out?

In soap operas, secrets always come out. Joey is a tortured soul and wants to tell Tripp the truth about Ava. However, Steve and Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) are begging him to keep quiet.

On yesterday's episode of "Days Of Our Lives," Tripp has a new theory. He told Jade Michaels (Gabrielle Haugh) that he believes Kayla killed Ava. Even though Jade knows the truth, she wants to get back at Kayla for cutting her off financially. She is letting Tripp believe that his theory is true.

Will Ava's mother want revenge?

If Fairchild does play Ava's mother, then the Johnson family could be in for more trouble. It is enough that Tripp now blames Kayla for his mother's death, thanks to Jade's lying and manipulating ways. If Ava's mother comes into Salem also wanting answers, how will Steve and Kayla handle this?

Everyone knows that Ava was emotionally and psychologically troubled. Is her mother the same way? In the past, Morgan has played a vixen in many TV shows and movies. She just might be even more dangerous than Ava was and the Johnson family could be in serious danger.

What do you think of Morgan Fairchild coming to Salem? Will she play Ava's mother on "Days Of Our Lives?" What kind of storyline will play out and how will Steve, Kayla, Joey, and Tripp handle the unwelcome visitor?