Hey, "Scandal" peeps. We recently got a couple of new, official spoiler details in for the new episode 12 of season 6. It looks like we're going to see some major stuff take place, because a very startling situation is going to go down that causes a big panic to occur at the White House, ultimately causing it to go into a big lockdown mode situation!

"Mercy" is the title

We've also learned that this thing is labeled: "Mercy." They put a lot of emphasis on the fact that the White House is definitely going to go into a heavy lockdown situation. Also, it looks like this is what most, if not all this episode will be focused on, since that's what most of their description talks about.

Totally upside down

They went on to explain that Olivia and company are going to look like they have a good position on the whole Peus situation. However, that is going to quickly change when a shocking threat arises that will turn everything totally upside down! What will this huge threat be? How long will this big fallout last? Unfortunately, they kept their description really vague and didn't reveal any other details. So, those huge, burning questions will remain in limbo for now.

Very dramatic scenes

Hopefully, they will answer those questions in this particular episode, but things could get extended over a couple of episodes. One thing that we absolutely know for sure, is that this storyline is going to give us some very dramatic and intense scenes to look forward to.

We also have some production credits to mention for this episode. It was written by Severiano Canales & Ameni Rozsa, and they got Nzingha Stewart to direct it.

Ok, That's it for this article. However, we're sure this episode will offer a lot more scenes than what was mentioned in their synopsis. Also, be sure to keep an eye for the new preview clip for episode 12 later on tonight, because we're sure it'll shed even more light on this synopsis.

Intel for episode 13

We've also been told that episode 12 is scheduled to hit the airwaves next Thursday night, April 27th, 2017 at 8pm central time on ABC, so be sure to jot that important intel down on your TV calendars. Oh, and one more thing. We just got some info for the upcoming episode 13. It turns out that we'll see Olivia and Fitz get caught up in a position where they'll have to race against the clock to track down Peus before it's too got damn late! So, yeah. That sounds like it'll be another good, very intense one for sure.