The latest episode of "scandal" season 6 was considered to be a shocker and one of the most stressful episodes of the season. Apparently, the writers conducted a no-holds-barred plot, leaving the characters in the middle of a hellish mess. If there's a character who went through a very devastating episode, it would have to be Huck. Why?

In the "Dead In The Water" episode, Huck was trapped in the trunk of the car, shot three times and endured being pushed into a quarry lake. It was truly one of the most horrible things to have happened to a character in the series and the said scenes clearly left the viewers on the edge of their seats.

Although Huck was seen surviving the horrible ordeal in "Scandal" season 6, his life is still on the line as he is left in the middle of nowhere and losing a lot of blood from the gunshot wounds. That said, fans of the series created by Shonda Rhimes are anxiously awaiting Huck's fate in the next episodes.

The dark side of Abby

While Huck is busy fighting for his life in the latest "Scandal" season 6 episode, Abby was busy covering up a heinous crime of a newly elected president. In the latest aired episode, fans were surprised to see how far Abby had to lie just to protect her own interests.

She was actually beginning to be a good liar, only admitting her mistakes and horrible activities when hard evidence is presented, cornering her and forcing her to admit her wrongdoings.

How far will Abby go to fuel her evil ways? Will her character turn out to be a villain to watch out for?

Olivia vs. Abby

While the tension that Abby has continued to build up in the "Dead In The Water" episode, the fans' hatred towards her character was also building up. The fans are not the only ones getting mad at Abby, as "Scandal" season 6 main character, Olivia Pope, is also on the verge of bursting out in anger.

Eventually, Olivia's patience runs out when she discovers hard evidence that Abby is really responsible for the chaotic mess that led to a manhunt.

Viewers went wild when Olivia slapped Abby several times until the latter was left in a disgruntled, disheveled mess. As expected, no one took Abby's side and the viewers cheered Olivia on instead.

Luckily, Huck wakes up from his coma but the episode didn't really end on a good note. Fitz, who visited the hospital, tried to make Olivia make amends with Abby, which, as fans expected, didn't turn out really well.

The episode ends with Olivia grabbing Abby's hand while the latter breaks down and cries, sparking "Scandal" season 6 spoilers that there might be a dramatic OPA reconciliation in the next episode.