Tuesday night May 30th will be the season finale of "Prison Break." Fans have seen the supposed death of Kellerman, and a kinder gentler Theodore Bagwell. It's been revealed that Whip is T-Bag's son and Sarah's husband Jacob is actually Poseidon the mastermind behind all the drama.

The grand finale will be the end of the Poseidon Adventure

Jacob/Poseidon hired two professional killers who have been tracking Michael Scofield for the first 8 shows. They have thus far been unable to hit their mark. His goal was to take Michael out of the equation because he fell in love with Sarah and little Mike.

In spite of having Michael and Whip incarcerated in a Yemen prison, they broke out and are back on American soils. In episode 5.8 Michael had given T-Bag the proof that whip is his child, and the two came Face To Face.

In episode 5.8 Michael had given T-Bag the proof that whip is his child, and the two came face to face. One of the assassins has a gun pointed at Michael and Mike, while Lincoln has actually been shot. On Tuesday, May 30th 5.9 will more than likely let us know who dies and who survives. Fans are rooting for the main characters to make it out alive. T-Bag and Michael should both be able to enjoy time with their sons and make up for the lost years. it would be a travesty if they and or their children were collateral damage.

If death must occur it should be the two assassins and Jacob so the Poseidon Adventure can come to a close. One way or another viewer will see closure.

Happily ever after or not for Michael and Sarah

A best case scenario for the season finale would be an end for all the bad guys and a new beginning for our hero's.Michael, Sarah, and Mike living happily ever after along with T-Bag and Whip and also Lincoln and Sheba.

We do not know if this is the end or if there will be a season 6. With so much up in the air, fans are on the edge of their seats.

We do know that Michael paid for T-bag to have a new prosthetic hand in exchange for taking a life. The previews for episode 9 show Mr. Bagwell shouting 'No," as if something traumatic had taken place.

Surely the writers did not unite father and son only to have to have T-bag accidentally kill Whip accidentally kill Whip, or watch him die at the hand of another, but you never know. The twists and turns are what keep fans watching but sometimes viewers like to see things turn out right. Loyal viewers will just have to wait for Tuesday night May 30th and watch it all play out.

In truth, the suspense is what keeps fans coming back for more.