In the original "Prison Break" series Theodore Bagwell was the man fans loved to hate. His prison mates/fellow escapees, however, loathed him. Time and time again they tried to leave him behind. Eventually, everyone but "T-Bag was exonerated. When Season 5 began Bagwell had been suddenly released from a lengthy sentence and had now seen the light, turned to God and mended his ways.

Theodore goes straight

There have been glimpses of the old Theodore but Bagwell has been able to restrain himself. In season one he murdered the veterinarian who did his surgery and gave him a new hand.

In season 5 he grabbed the doctor who gave him a million dollar prosthesis by the throat. Loyal fans were probably expecting a repeat of the past, but T-bag let him go after getting a few answers.

Both Lincoln Burrows and Sarah Scofield expressed disgust and disdain when he re-entered their lives after eight years. Neither trusted anything he had to say, but later both realized he was telling the truth when he said that Michael Scofield was alive in a Yemen prison. In episode 7 T-Bag told God that he may have to revert to his old ways. This was because it was revealed that Michael was the mysterious benefactor who paid the million dollars for Bagwell's new prosthesis. Michael is expecting Theodore to take a life as payment.

T-Bag has a son

Michael was in jail in Yemen with a young man he called 'Whiphand.' He was impressed with a Whip's survival skills. The young man bonded with Michael and seemed to look to him as a father figure. When they escaped from Yemen and arrived back in the United States, Michael headed to New York while sending Whip to Chicago.

In episode 8 T-Bag showed up and he and Whip had an altercation where each grabbed the other by the throat. Bagwell thrust an envelope into the young man's shirt pocket.

All the while he was explaining to Whip how Michael Scofield paid for his new hand and gave him the information that in the shirt pocket. He explained that he had a one-night stand with a waitress, who he never saw again.

This was because Bagwell was imprisoned. He let Whip know that he is his father, and the scene ended.

The final episode of season 5 should be very revealing. Episode 9 airs on May 30th and it will be a big one. T-bag may have to pay the piper and resort to his old ways in order to thank Michael for his new hand and his new son. it would be great to know that a season 6 is in the works, but so far, the "Prison Break" creator is staying 'mum.'