"Prison Break" episode 7 of season 5 aired Tuesday night on the FOX network. Sarah Scofield gets a call from Lincoln confirming that Michael is alive, and has been poisoned by antifreeze. She informs her husband, Jacob, and heads to Crete. At this point she and Michael both receive shocking news.

Jacob is Poseidon

Sarah has O negative blood, and gives Michael a transfusion. As he slowly recovers, Mr. Scofield asks to see a picture of his son, Michael Jr. As he looks at the images on Sarah's phone, he is stunned, and reveals to her that her new husband is Poseidon, the man who caused him to be imprisoned.

Michael reveals that Poseidon threatened his family in season 4, and was the reason that Sarah was beat up in prison. Michael complied with Poseidon/Jacob, but later was double-crossed because his captor fell in love with his wife.

Sarah leaves Crete, rushes back home, and tries to play innocent for the sake of her son. Jacob is on to her, and has the child kidnapped for leverage. Michael and Lincoln hitch a ride on a ship where Sucre is working. When Jacob has Michael's photo sent to the public, the ship's captain recognizes him, and calls the Coast Guard. A game of cat and mouse ensues, with Michael and friends outwitting the captain and the Coast Guard by hiding in various places on the ship.

Meanwhile, Jacob and the two assassins are planning an end for Michael Scofield.

The adventure begins

There are only 2 more episodes of season 5 left. They will no doubt be filled with the intrigue and adventure that fans remember from the original series. Episode 8 holds the promise of even more secrets being revealed. Poseidon will be desperate to hide his identity, execute Michael, and keep Sarah for himself.

Michael, Sucre and Link must make it home, while being trapped like rats at the bottom of the ship. If episode 5 is any indication, the final 2 episodes will have fans on the edge of their seats. Now that the momentum is up, fans will be expecting more of their favorite show.

The cast, and certainly loyal viewers, are open to a season 6, but "Prison Break" creator Paul Scheuring is guarded and not saying much about it.

He points out that he had planned to wrap everything up at the end of season 5, and pointed out that eventually you run out of ideas -- which is not beneficial for the fans. Episodes 8 and 9 will be shown on Tuesday nights, May 23rd and 30th on FOX. Fans must ride it out in order to find out if there will be a season 6.