On Friday's episode of "General Hospital" Jake Weber is imagining that Helena is giving him orders. He obeyed her orders and turned on the Chimera. Elizabeth and Jason try to talk him down but Madame Cassadine continues to be inside his head. On Monday Jake eventually, listens to his parents and turns off the glowing canister. With the Chimera disarmed Anna and Valentine take the case with the canister out of the ballroom but the danger is not over.

All hell breaks loose after the Chimera is disarmed

Elizabeth and Franco go to "General Hospital "with Jake so he can be checked out.

Meanwhile, as Anna and Valentine take the Chimera to be disposed of two gunmen burst into the ballroom and put a gun to Nina. They force her to call her husband and say she is being held, hostage. Valentine returns to the ballroom and gives the case to one of the gunmen. He tells his wife to run just as the villain realizes the Chimera is not in the case.

A struggle ensues where Jason and Valentine fight the two thugs. Nina is waiting outside when Nathan arrives and calls for backup. He bursts through the door just as a shot rings out. As Nina rushes in and embraces her brother she sees her spouse bleeding out on the floor.

The aftermath of the Chimera project

There are now more questions than answers regarding the Chimera.

If Helena was a figment of little Jake's imagination then who sent him the magic kit with the canister inside? Everyone thought it was from his cousin Spencer but we now know that was not true. How did the gunmen know to show up and attempt to steal the Chimera? How could they know the precise timing as Jake was supposed to do his magic show earlier in the evening?

Why were these men not afraid as it was possible that Jake may not have deactivated the threat? And who are they working for?

The big question is what happens to Valentine from this point. Jason knows that he is a hero but more than likely the police will believe Mr. Cassadine is involved with the thugs who tried to steal the Chimera.

So he probably will not get the credit he deserves. "General Hosptial" has given Valentine Cassidine ties that bind in Port Charles. He is married to Nina, has a child with Lulu and is connected to Anna because of their spy work. Considering all the loose ends surrounding him that need to be tied up it's not likely he will die from his injury. Valentine needs to answer for shooting Nicholas and making Charlotte's mother disappear.