The Port Charles police department on "General Hospital" has been slacking on the job. There are several crimes that have not been solved. The citizens are going about their lives, not even mentioning some of them anymore. The writers really need to do a better job and tie up the loose ends.

Ava Jerome's sins

On Friday's episode of "General Hospital" Ava Jerome confessed to Sonny and Carly that she switched Morgan's meds. She replaced his Lithium with sugar pills and this caused him to spiral out of control, eventually leading to his death. Ava also has another crime she has never been prosecuted for.

She shot Connie Falconeri to death without provocation. Sonny promised he would not kill Ava because they share a daughter together. With this new revelation, Sonny just may take things into his own hands. If he does, Ava will never be prosecuted by the Port Charles justice system.

Julian and Alexis have a secret

Other crimes that have not been reported or solved revolve around Alexis Davis. The former attorney found out her husband, Julian Jerome had stabbed Carlos Rivera to death. When she decided to turn him in, he chased her and was about to slit her throat on the pier. Sonny Corinthos showed up and the two men began fighting. Julian dropped his knife and Alexis stabbed him in the back. At the hospital, Sonny took the blame.

Julian later disappeared after being shot by his sister Olivia.

When he returned to Port Charles, Alexis knew he was a fugitive but never turned him in. She instead met with him and they made love in his hotel room. When the police arrived Julian lied, saying he kidnapped his wife. Alexis eventually admitted the truth. Julian, however, never did pay for killing Carlos Rivera or putting out a hit on Duke Lavery.

He called the hit off, but Carlos did not get the info in time and shot Duke.

Shawn Butler is in jail for a crime he did not commit

"General Hospital" really dropped the ball on Shawn Butler. This is one loose end they should tie up. Shawn was imprisoned for shooting Hayden Barnes. The real assailant was hired by Nikolas Cassadine. Hayden went to prison and admitted to Shawn that she knew he did not shoot her.

Butler is languishing in jail for a shooting he did not commit. He also never got to bond with his son, T.J. When it comes to Breaking The Law and leaving crimes unsolved, the Port Charles police department needs to do so much better.

Valentin Cassadine has not paid for his sins

Valentin Cassadine shot his cousin Nikolas and also did away with the woman who was his daughter Charlotte's birth mother. He is married to Nina Clay and living it up in the Cassadine mansion on Spoon Island. Once in a while, Lulu will mention that Valentin killed her brother, or Laura will acknowledge that he murdered her son. Otherwise, no one seems interested in trying to solve these crimes, and Lulu's husband Dante is a detective. There is no way to know if these will remain unsolved or if GH will decide to tie up the loose ends.

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