The "General Hospital" nurses' ball is over. It seems to have gone off without a hitch. Lucy Coe kept her clothes on, Liesl Obrecht did not crash the festivities and Sonny and Carly are dealing with Ava far away from the ballroom. The danger, however, is not over. Helena Cassidine is manipulating Jake Weber to unleash a catastrophe upon Port Charles.

Helena makes an appearance

On Thursday Jake Weber is backstage during the Nurses Ball. He sees Helena Cassidine standing in a doorway to his right. She reminds the child that she is the reason he is living and encourages him to perform his magic act.

On Friday Jake goes on stage at the end of the gala. He tells his mom Elizabeth that he must do his magic tricks. She explains that the ball is over but Lucy Coe says she has the venue for another hour. Jake goes on stage with Emily and Charlotte as his assistants.

In the audience are Jason, Sam, Elizabeth, Franco, Nina, Valentine, Laura, Anna, Lulu, Donte, and Dr. Andre Mattox. AS he does his regular tricks, he sees Helena again sitting at the end of the stage. She is seated at a table as if she had attended the Nurses Ball. There are no tables on stage so this suggests that Helena has not risen from the dead but is a figment of Jake's imagination. Madame Cassadine is again encouraging the little boy to do his grand finale that will make all of Port Charles disappear.

Jason figures it out

Meanwhile, Laura is telling Lulu that Spencer did not send that magic kit to his cousin Jake. She is so concerned she explains it to Jason. She adds that no one really knows where that box of magic tricks came from. Just as Jake is opening the box, Jason recalls Helena telling him that his son will kill more people for her than Jason ever did.

Jake opens the box and takes out the canister with the Chimera Project on it.

Jason stands up and begins telling his son "No Jake don't do it." Again the child looks over at Helena who nods her head, compelling Jake to go through with the finale and do her bidding. The little boy hesitates, then lifts the canister and pushes a button that activates flashing lights on the bottom.

Jason shouts "No Jake," as Valentine stands up and says, "It's the Chimera." Anna, Franco, Elizabeth and Sam all look absolutely stunned. "General Hospital" outdid itself with this year's nurses' ball. The intrigue and mystery have been enormous. Cliffhanger Friday left fans wondering what will happen now that the Chimera Project has been unleashed.