Hey, "General Hospital" peeps. We've got a couple of shocking moments to look forward to in the upcoming May 8th to May 12th,2017 episode week as we'll be seeing Nelle get a shocker at some point. Then the truth is going to totally throw Jason off balance! Some desperate actions will get taken by Franco. We'll see Anna become the one Jordan leans on for some much-needed advice, and so much more. We, of course, have the folks over at ABC to thank for these spoiler reveals.

Something very good for Nelle

This week, we don't know which day these particular spoilers will land on, so unfortunately, we won't be able to tell you that.

However, you're more than welcome to guess which day these will take place. Maybe turn it into a fun guessing game or something.

Anyways, lets get into some of these storyline scoops. So, at some point this week, we're going to see a scene with Nelle. Apparently, something very good is going to happen to her, at some point, as they tell us that she is going to be absolutely thrilled by a very unexpected surprise. What could this awesome surprise be? That's the huge question for this storyline.

Next, we've got a scene that we're going to see, involving Jason. At some point, the truth is going to some how, some way, get revealed to him, and he's going to be totally stunned by it! What is this crazy truth that totally startles Jason?

And what will he do about it? Hopefully, it won't take us long to find out.

Very desperate move

We've got Franco in this storyline teaser. Apparently, he's going to be at his wits-end at some point, as they tell us that he's going to end up, trying to pull off a very desperate move. The big question, is what is this freaking move that he tries to push through?

Their vague description didn't fill us in on that, so we'll have to wait to see it all go down when it airs.

Then at some point, we'll be seeing Anna become a very important being when it comes to Jordan, because they tell us that she's going to hunt her down to try and get some advice from her. Will Anna give her the much-desired information that she's worked so hard to try and get?

Or will Anna leave her hanging? We'll see.

Surprises Hayden

We've got a description that involves some Hayden and Griffin action. Apparently, Griffin is going to do something that totally surprises Hayden as they tell us that she is going to get caught completely off-guard by him at some point. The obvious question for this situation, is what in the hell is he going to do that startles her so got damn much? Look for that interesting storyline this week.

Hitting the bottle

Lastly, we've got a couple of scoops, involving Nina. Apparently, she's just going to be all over the place as we have her in scenes with both Valentin and Curtis. She'll be hitting the bottle ,at some point, when things get tough.

She's also not going to end up, getting what she thought she was going to get in one of these situations. Maybe, that's what sets off the drinking. We don't no for sure since we don't have the specific day for these. But definitely look for Nina to be involved in a lot of stuff this week. The scene with Valentin, has her on the receiving end of pleading session from Valentin. Then with Curtis, she'll be receiving some update from him. Stay tuned.