The moment that "General Hospital" fans have been waiting for has finally come. Jason And Sam Morgan's second child was born on Tuesday's episode, but the circumstances were definitely not good at all. Thanks to Olivia Jerome, Sam was pushed over the Port Charles bridge and then went into labor. She was all alone and scared for her unborn child's life. However, Jason discovered his wife just in time to deliver their baby girl. Unfortunately, both mother and child's lives are now in jeopardy. Will JaSam have a chance to have their happy ever after with this little one?

Baby Scout is finally born

JaSam fans were thrilled when Sam realized that she was carrying Jason's second child after all that they have been through. Now this baby may not make it and this has many wondering if she will survive. Her mama's life is also in danger. On yesterday's show, Jason was trying to breathe life into his baby girl. She wasn't crying at all and this had Sam frantic waiting to hear if her baby would make it.

Unfortunately, Sam Morgan suddenly passed out while Jason was holding the new bundle of joy after he had revived his daughter. Now he fears that his wife is dying right before his eyes before she even has a chance to cradle her baby girl.

Jason breaks his promise

Right before the baby was born, Sam made her husband promise her that once he delivered Baby Scout, he would leave her there and take the child to get help.

The previews for Wednesday's episode of "General Hospital" shows Jason calling out to Sam to wake up. Now he will be forced to make a decision on whether to keep his promise and leave her there to fight for her life on her own, or to stay right there with Sam, but risk the life of his newborn daughter. Spoilers suggest that Jason will be breaking that promise and stay by her side.

Will the JaSam baby make it through?

While there is a possibility that Jason and Sam's baby will not survive this ordeal, "General Hospital" spoilers say that both mom and daughter will be saved. If something did happen little Scout, fans of this couple would be highly upset, so it is very likely that all three will make it back home where Sam and her daughter will get medical care at the hospital.

It wouldn't be a classic soap if a baby wasn't born without so much drama as it enters the world. Sam Morgan's delivery of her second child is certainly no exception, but it did have viewers quite anxious if this baby would be born without her daddy there. That bridge has always played a significant part in Jason's life and now it will have even more of an impact on him now that he has delivered his daughter under that bridge.

Do you think that baby Scout will be okay? Will Jason and Sam actually name this little girl Scout? Stay tuned to "General Hospital" to find out what happens to the Morgan family.