So far, the police have not been able to confirm if Chris Soules was drinking when he had his fatal accident or not. Chris was driving a truck that ended up running into the back of a tractor and killing the man inside. It turns out that Chris has been in trouble with the law before, though. Radar Online shared all about how he got in trouble for a bar fight and Disorderly Conduct. Chris Soules has never been shy about the fact that he likes to have a good time and go out drinking.

What did Chris Soules do before?

The police responded to a fight that was outside of the bar Sharkey’s Fun House.

The reporting officer shared details about what happened at the fight. The report said, "I observed four to five subjects pushing and punching each other. [Soules] seemed to be more aggressive than the others. I had observed this subject pushing and throwing punches.” Chris did end up getting arrested after this accident.

Chris Soules was arrested for disorderly conduct and didn't even want to let the officers search his pockets for some reason. He had on a wristband that shows he was old enough to drink, though. Chris also got charged with unlawful use of a license. He did plead guilty to the charges, but his only fine was $90. This was before the accident clear back in 2002.

So far, Chris Soules has not been charged with driving under the influence.

Police got a search warrant for his blood tests so they can try to confirm if Chris had alcohol in his system at the time or not. They want to find out if Chris was actually drinking when this accident happened or not. He did call 911 and stay on the scene for a bit, but then Chris ended up leaving and going home. He refused to talk to the police at first and made them get a search warrant before he would discuss anything with them.

It was pretty surprising to everyone.

Chris Soules found love with Whitney Bischoff on his season of "The Bachelor." The two seemed like a great match, but things didn't end up working for them when the show was over. They have both moved on since then and if Chris is dating he didn't share who.

Are you shocked to hear that Chris Soules was arrested before?

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