Alright, guys things are going to get extremely interesting for this upcoming "The Bold And The Beautiful" May 8th to May 12th,2017 episode week as Sally says something to get Thomas to change his freaking mind about Spectra fashions at some point! We're going to see Steffy pull something that could end up, causing much strife within the family! Ridge gets informed that Thomas is to blame for a major, financial loss they've incurred, and more! We have the wonderful CBS folks to thank for these great storyline spoiler teasers.

Give her advice

With no further ado, lets go ahead and get started with what Monday's May8th,2017 episode has in store for us.

It turns out that Brooke and Ridge will have a very interesting scene, because Ridge is going to give her advice about how to move forward with Bill, telling her to make sure she's over her feelings for him before she decides to commit to Bill. Will Brooke heed his advice and make sure she is, in fact, over Ridge before she makes this big decision? That's the obvious, big question for this scenario.

Next, we'll be seeing Thomas in action in a scene with Steffy, and something really important will go down, because they tell us that he's going to end up, making a huge confession to her, revealing that he went against what the family wanted, and tries to explain why he did it. How will Steffy react?

Will she accept his reasoning? We hope to see the answer to these questions, play out in this episode. And that's all they gave us for Monday's offering. However, I'm sure there will be, at least another scene or two thrown in there.

Packing up everything

Next up, we've got two, fresh storylines for Tuesday's May 9th, 2017 episode.

They let us know that we're going to see the poor Spectra gang start packing up all the things in their offices after their big shut down, and Sally will be seen, making plans to get the hell out of Los Angeles. Elsewhere, we've got Liam in a scene. He'll be chatting with someone. However, they didn't bother to tell us who.

But anyways, he's going to tell this mystery person all about the secret that had something to do with his father and the Spectra company. What is this crazy secret? And who in the hell is he telling it to? Those are the burning questions for this storyline.

Important conversation

Alright. Now, it's time to go over the middle-of-the-week Wednesday, May 10th,2017 scoops. They let us know that we'll be seeing Bill in action, paying the Spectra Fashions folks a visit with thoughts of making sure he can take ownership of their nice building on his mind. Elsewhere in another scene, there's going to be an extremely important conversation, going on between Sally and Thomas, because they tell us that she's going to inform him of something that totally causes him to change his freaking mind about both her and the Spectra Fashions company!

Knight in shining armor

Then on the Thursday, May 11th,2017 episode, they tell us that Thomas is going to end up, becoming Sally's knight in shining armor! If that's not enough, we've got another scene going on with Steffy. Apparently she is going to take some sort of action that could stir up all kinds of strife within the Forrester family! Oh no!

New opportunity

And to cap off this crazy week of drama, is the Friday, May 12th,2017 teasers that reveal, Zende is going to get offered a new opportunity at Forrester Creations. Then in this final scoop, we're going to see a Ridge and Bill conversation that could land Thomas in some serious heat, because Bill is going to let Ridge know that Thomas is the one to blame for the recent actions that is going to cause them to lose a lot of freaking money! Ooh, that's never good. Stay tuned, guys. We'll be back, next week, with the new week of May 15th,2017 spoilers.