Hey, "Bold And The Beautiful" fans. It's the end of the week ,again, which means we've got a full week of new spoiler teasers to share with you guys, thanks to the wonderful CBS folks. These storyline spoilers will be covering next week's May 1st to May 5th,2017 episodes. Things sound really dramatic, sad, and intense as we've got Spectra Fashions, finally shutting their doors and giving their employees the very bad news. Katie's presence starts to really make Quinn feel quite anxious while on the job. There's going to be an appeal made by Sally before everything just totally collapses, and so much more.

Sit tight.

Shirley's very worried

To get things started, we'll go over these Monday, May 1st, 2017 teasers. We've got two storyline scoops to mention for this one. It turns out that we're going to see Shirley be quite worried that the future of Spectra Fashions isn't going to turn out so well. However, they tell us that Saul won't appear to be thinking about it at all, as his mind will be elsewhere.

In this second plotline, we learn that a big appeal to Thomas will be made by Sally at some point. They don't mention if Thomas will hear her out on it, so that'll be a big question for this scenario. Alright, that wraps up the Monday teasers, but we're sure there will be, at least, anther scene or two in it.

Major anxiety

Next up, we've got the stuff for Tuesday's episode, which lands on May 2nd,2017. In it, we're going to see a situation go down where Quinn gets hit with some major anxiety at some point, and they tell us that it will be due to Katie's presence at the workplace. So, wow! Will Quinn be able to get past this issue?

Or will she let it just ruin her freaking life?

Next, they let us know that Eric is going to give Ridge some pointers on how to win back Brooke's affections. But for some reason, this is going to make Ridge feel guilty, so that sounds pretty interesting. Why will it make Ridge feel guilty? And will he be able to get past the guilt?

Secret plans

Alright, so now, we've arrived at the middle of the week, Wednesday, May 3rd episode spoilers. They explained that we're going to see Zende and Nicole in action. Apparently, he's going to reveal to her that he has these secret plans or aspirations to take on a much, much larger role at Forrester Creations. What will Nicole think of his ideas? That's a big question for that storyline.

Elsewhere, there's going to be some very bad news for the Spectra Fashions employees as they tell us that, at some point, Sally is going to break the news to them that the company is shutting down all operations, meaning it's back to the unemployment line for these folks.

Striking a deal

Now, we've arrived at Thursday's big May 4th,2017 episode.

Spoilers for this installment, reveals that we're going to see Bill, apparently wanting to buy the Spectra building after the poor company's demise, and he's going to end up, striking a deal with CJ to do just that. We're also going to see Zende, not feeling too great after a meeting with Steffy as they describe him as feeling deflated. This will prompt Nicole to take action. What will Nicole end up doing? That's the main question for that storyline for sure.

A court summons

And finally, we've got the big scoops that will cap off the week on Friday, May 5th,2017. In this episode, we're going to see Sally actually find out how far the Forresters are willing to take things, because she's going to get a court summons at some point!

We'll also see Brooke and Ridge in action as they have lunch together after encountering a chance run-in while at Il Giardino. They tell us the lunch will be uncomfortable too, so that sounds like it'll give us some very interesting scenes. Stay tuned.