Peter Thomas may have been crying over the loss of his ex-wife Cynthia Bailey but that doesn't mean it took him long to move on. The former "Real Housewives of Atlanta" husband said during the Season 9 reunion show that he was definitely dating and looking for love again. It turns out that Peter may have found love with a woman who makes appearances on "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta."

Who is Peter's new mystery woman?

It turns out that Peter Thomas' post-Cynthia Bailey love interest is none other than Yung Joc's baby mama. According to reports from a handful of blogs and one telling Instagram picture, Peter has hooked up with Sina Bina following his split from Cynthia Bailey.

Based on the picture of Peter and Sina together, they look pretty cozy and in love.

During the Season 9 "Real Housewives of Atlanta" reunion show, Peter Thomas admitted that he was seeing someone new. While he didn't give away his new boo's identity, Peter did confirm that he "likes her a lot." Around the same time that the show aired, Sina gave it all away by posting that picture of herself all snuggled up with Peter. The photo was captioned, "Hey Peter" and contained way too many heart emojis for Sina not to be the new woman.

What will Yung Joc think of all this?

This isn't the first time that Yung Joc's baby mama has tried to move on from him and get it on with another reality star. Those who are paying attention to "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" this season already know that Sina has been romantically linked to Rod Bullock, who just joined the show.

Upon learning that Sina was messing around with Rod Bullock, he didn't seem too pleased. There could be a lot of reasons for that, though, considering his own history with Rod and with one of his other girlfriends.

One of the prevailing "LHHATL" themes this season is the paternity of Jasmine Washington's baby. While Jasmine is one of Rod's two main girlfriends, it turns out that he is not the father of her child.

While the general consensus is that Jasmine's baby was probably fathered by Kirk Frost, it was also revealed that Yung Joc may have also slept with the former stripper, making the paternity of her baby questionable.

When Yung Joc learned from Rod Bullock himself that he'd been seeing Sina, he wasn't very pleased and made sure to verbalize his displeasure while talking in the "LHHATL" confessional.

However, his main issue seemed to be that Sina would be number three as far as the girlfriend change went considering that Rod Bullock was already living with Jasmine Washington and another woman.

When it comes to Peter Thomas, he does seem marginally more stable. Coming from a pretty decent "Real Housewives of Atlanta" run while married to Cynthia Bailey, he was able to open a handful of nightclubs and sports bars as a way to keep himself occupied.

Do you like Peter Thomas with Sina Bina or does he need to set the bar higher considering that his last wife was model Cynthia Bailey?