Hey, "The Blacklist" fans. It's going to be on when Liz finds herself, getting hunted by a new mercenary character that's on the scene, known as the Debt Collector! That's one of the main plotline spoilers for the upcoming episode 20 of this current season 4. NBC is to thank for this official intel, via their episode press release. Along with that intense storyline, we've got Ressler back in action. He'll be trying to stay ahead of Agent Gale, and more.

"The Debt Collector"

The title of this episode is named after the main villain, which is: "The Debt Collector." As stated in our introductory sentence, he is really going to be after Liz as they tell us that she is going to become his main target!

This very unfortunate turn of events is going to prompt Red to seek out a source that's pretty shocking in order to get some help. Who will this startling source be that Red seeks out? Why is the Debt Collector targeting Liz? These are the very interesting questions for this storyline. Obviously we'll have to wait for the episode to air to get these questions answered as NBC made sure not to give that important info away in their press release. It does seem like it will be the main plotline to look out for, and should be quite intense and suspenseful.

Surprising complication

Next, we've got this second and last storyline to go over. It features Ressler. They let us know that he's going to run into this huge, surprising complication when he tries to make sure he stays ahead of Agent Gale's investigation.

What will this crazy complication be? And will Ressler be able to overcome it? Hopefully, we'll get to see an answer to those burning questions, play out in this episode. It sounds like it could deliver some pretty good action and drama, though. We might even see a glimpse of it in the new preview clip that we expect to see from NBC later on tonight right after episode 19 wraps up.

Be sure to check for it, because it'll certainly give up some extra info.

Samar points her gun

NBC was also generous enough to give us some official photos for episode 20. We've included one (above), which gives us a new look at actress Mozhan Marno in action as character, Samar Navabi. This scene looks very intense, too, as she's spotted pointing her gun in what appears to be a pretty intense car chase scene, so that's something else we can expect to see in this episode.

Some of the other photos show us Liz in a lot of scenes. She'e spotted with Samar and a couple of others in one of them, having a very intense conversation, or so it appears. Red is seen in a scene with a woody area background.

Mr. Kaplan shows up

We've also got a new look at actress, Susan Blommaert, as character Mr. Kaplan, and she's heavily protected by all her men with guns in the scenes, so that should be very interesting and intense. We can confirm that episode 20 is, indeed, set to show up next Thursday night, May 11th,2017 in its same 9pm central time slot on NBC. Stay tuned.