'The Blacklist' dropped some major bombshells in the latest episode of a two-part series as Elizabeth's mother Katerina made an appearance. The relationship of Kathryn, a.k.a. Mr. Kaplan, Katerina, Raymond, and Elizabeth was finally revealed, with the fate of Katerina in doubt. Is she dead?

How Kathryn came to be Mr. Kaplan

In the last episode of 'The Blacklist,' Raymond was trying to find Dembe to discover why Dembe betrayed him. Dembe was trying to find out who really betrayed Raymond. The episode opens with Kathryn at the funeral of her mother.

Kathryn is now on the road for reasons that are unknown, and she is reliving the events that led up to her working for Raymond Reddington and how she became known as Mr. Kaplan.

Kathryn applies for a job as the nanny for Katerina. Her job will be to care for Mosha, Katerina's daughter. She gets the job working for Katerina. During a stop at a hotel, which takes place in the present, Kathryn flashes back to a time when she saw Katerina in a fight with someone in her kitchen. Katerina kills the man, and Kathryn offers to clean up.

The next morning Katerina and Kathryn have a conversation that binds them together. Kathryn had disposed of the body, and Katerina decides not to kill her. Katerina warns her that she, Kathryn, may see things that she must keep secret.

Kathryn proves her loyalty by remaining silent when she stumbles onto Katerina in the woods with an unknown American who was once one of Katerina's assignments. Later Mosha is kidnapped, and Katerina reveals that unknown American isRaymond. He took Mosha because he believes her to be his daughter.

Katerina and Kathryn follow Raymond to America to try and get Mosha back.

In order to protect Mosha, Kathryn takes her to the one person that both Raymond and Katerina trust, a man named Sam Scott. Raymond offers Kathryn a job, and Katerina disappears because the KGB discovered her affair with Raymond. Is Katerina still alive?

Kathryn prepares to exact her revenge from Raymond

After Katerina disappears, Kathryn meets a woman named Annie Kaplan and falls in love.

Later the woman is killed and Kate almost killed too. The story flashes forward to Kathryn going through a package of body parts. Kathryn gets a visit from Sam. Raymond wants to meet her. He asks her to come to work for him because Elizabeth is in danger. Kathryn tells him that her loyalty will always be to Mosha, who is now going by the name of Elizabeth. Raymond turns himself into the FBI to protect Elizabeth. Now Kathryn and Raymond are squaring off for a showdown, and Kathryn has dug up the bodies, literally. What's next on 'The Blacklist,' and will Kathryn live through it?