There are new claims that Johnny Depp decided to divorce Amber Heard because of the latter’s sex scene in the unreleased movie “London Fields.” The 53-year-old star allegedly prohibited his former wife from doing intimate sequences with another guy.

The said scene led to extreme jealousy that made the Golden Globe awardee ask the 31-year-old model to pull out of the film. Thus, the actress is now facing a lawsuit worth $10 million for not finishing the movie, but she has a revelation to expose.

Heard cries she’s a victim

Producer Christopher Hanley claimed that Heard’s provocative scenes play a big role in her divorce with Depp.

This is also stated in his lawsuit. There are now new papers filed that are part of the “legal minefield” involving the unfinished project.

The film’s producers have sued the “Justice League” star for $10 million because of a contract dispute. On the other hand, she filed a countersuit against Hanley and his wife Roberta claiming that she has been a victim of sexploitation. She insisted that the Hanley filmed the “nude and sex scenes” using her body double secretly, without her consent, that allegedly violated her Nudity Rider.

But, Hanley answered the “Aquaman” star’s counterclaims. As a matter of fact, he has released his preliminary statement that, according to Hollywood Reporter, opened with the words, “Amber Heard should be ashamed.”

Depp contradicts the claims of the lawsuit against Heard

Hanley responded to Heard’s new claim, saying that her misdemeanors on the movie played a role in her relationship with Depp.

It has been said that the controversial scene is the main issue as she was “apparently under perceived or actual pressure” from her ex-husband. In fact, she even revealed that he was “extremely jealous” because of that.

“The provocative nature of Heard’s femme fatale role in the film was a factor leading to her divorce from Depp,” the producer added.

On the contrary, the “Pirates of the Caribbean 5” star’s representative slammed the claim, saying that the 53-year-old actor shouldn’t be involved in the contractual lawsuit of his ex-wife.

A statement revealed by the “Black Mass” star’s camp explained that the ongoing dispute between the film producers and Heard has nothing to do with him. His team even learned that these producers are facing another lawsuit by the film’s director and another producer. They, then, said that the statements involving Depp are all “ridiculous.”