Kailyn Lowry has a lot to be thankful for this Mother's Day weekend. She has come under heavy criticism since announcing she is expecting her third child earlier this year. Lowry is a single mom once again at the young age of 25. Her new baby will have a different father, making this baby daddy number three for her. Despite all of the things stacked against her, Kailyn managed to do something none of the other moms have done.

Kailyn Lowry earns her bachelor's degree

This is a huge deal for Kailyn Lowry. She has worked hard to get a degree and do better for her children.

Lowry had a rough childhood, with her mom being in and out of her life. From the moment she found out she was pregnant with her first child as a teen, Lowry always knew college was a must. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Kailyn Lowry graduated with a bachelor's degree in mass communications. This has been something she has worked hard on, especially when it appeared the world was waiting for her to fail. Kailyn's ex-husband, Javi Marroquin doubted her determination and despite a few hiccups along the way, graduation day has come and gone.

There are plenty of mistakes that Kailyn Lowry has made over the last several years she has been in the spotlight. She went from being one of the most like "Teen Mom" franchise stars to being one of the most disliked after her marriage to Javi Marroquin crumbled.

It had been a long time coming and when the couple suffered a miscarriage shortly before Christmas in 2015, things just deteriorated. Kailyn started raising eyebrows with how she was acting while Marroquin was deployed. Rumors of an affair were plentiful and it was announced that Lowry had filed for divorce before he even returned home.

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A new life for Kailyn Lowry and her children

Despite all of the recent drama, Kailyn Lowry shared the celebration of her graduation on social media. One of the most notable things from her big day was the picture of her and her oldest son, Isaac. Kailyn shared her high school graduation photo next to a photo of her college graduation and she was with her son, Isaac in both.

It was a reminder of how far the "Teen Mom 2" star has come and how much farther she plans to go.

Out of all of the "Teen Mom" franchise stars, Kailyn Lowry is the only one with a bachelor's degree. Some of the other moms have done trade school and some college courses, but she is the first to walk away with a degree from a four-year college.