Hey, "Days Of Our Lives" fans. How many of you liked Anjelica Deveraux? For those of you who did, you're in luck, because the hit NBC drama is confirmed to be bringing her back. However, this time, she's going to be played by the legendary actress, Morgan Fairchild! She's set to show up, onscreen, in the Summer 2017 episodes. There's currently no word of how many episodes she will appear in, nor the dates that they will air on. However, we're hopeful that we'll get some sort of specific intel about that pretty soon as the Summer months draw near.

Joyful and fun

Our main source for this particular repo comes from the folks over at soapcentral.com and Soap Opera Digest. They said, Morgan actually confirmed the news to the Soap Opera Digest people in a recent interview with them. She told them that she was very thrilled to be able to work with Deidre Hall aka Marlena Evans and Judi Evans aka Adrienne Kiriakis on the iconic show. She also described her time on the set as joyful and fun each and every day, so that definitely sounds amazing for her.

Way back in 1991

According to the Soap Opera Digest article, the Anjelica Deveraux role was previously played by actresses, Jane Elliot, Judith Chapman and Shelley Taylor Morgan. The last time we saw her in action, was way, way back in 1991.

She has a son, named Alexander, who was born out of her affair with character, Justin Kiriakis. She was also a stepmother to Jack.

Really crazy stuff

Anjelica originally showed up on the Salem scene as Jack's stepmother by marrying his adoptive father, Senator Harper Deveraux until he turned out to be the serial-killing Riverfront Knifer.

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Actually, looking over more of her past actions, it sounds like she was really up to some really crazy stuff. I'm reading, here, that she blew up an entire construction company that was owned by Adrienne!

Shortly after that, she decided to leave town with Alexander, which apparently, allowed the rest of the Salem folks to believe that she had died in a plane crash.

That hoax lasted for nearly a year before she finally gave Alexander back to his father. From there, she just disappeared to only God knows where, and will now, just show back up a million years later. Wow!

There are no details about what the hell she'll be doing in her storyline for this Summer, so it's certainly going to be interesting to ponder over that until some further information is revealed. Hopefully, something will come down the pipeline in the upcoming weeks that lead up to whenever she'll be spotted back in Salem.

Morgan's resume

As for Morgan Fairchild's resume, it's quite impressive. She's appeared in numerous shows that include: The Bold and the Beautiful, General Hospital, Falcon Crest, Flamingo Road, Mork & Mindy, Paper Dolls, North and South, Cybill, Revenge, and Friends just to name a few. Stay tuned.