Kailyn Lowry and Chris Lopez are all over the media right now. She just confirmed that he is the father of her third child. Lowry appeared to be playing games about who she was having a baby with when she announced the pregnancy. There was speculation about Lopez, but she was keeping everything under wraps for whatever reason. After a tabloid dropped a headline she didn't like, Kailyn confirmed Chris was her Baby Daddy on Twitter.

Chris Lopez spotted with Kailyn Lowry

It seems that Kailyn Lowry is all about social media these days. She is constantly posting about her baby, and anything else she can that will garner attention.

Lowry announced that she would be having a mixed baby, but withheld the baby daddy name until recently. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Chris Lopez was hanging out with Kailyn Lowry. There was a post from her on Snap Chat with him in it. While his face wasn't crystal clear, it was definitely something fans weren't expecting.

Rumors have been swirling about the relationship between Kailyn Lowry and Chris Lopez. He seemingly wanted nothing to do with her or the child, which is why she was keeping things so quiet. Less than a year after she split from Javi Marroquin and announced to the world she didn't want another baby, Lowry found herself unwed and pregnant for the third time. All of her children have different fathers, and she married Marroquin after they had already gotten pregnant.

While both her sons have fathers in their lives, it appears that the verdict is out on whether or not the new baby will be the same.

Will Chris Lopez appear on 'Teen Mom 2' with Kailyn Lowry

It is unclear whether or not Chris Lopez is going to agree to film "Teen Mom 2." He was reportedly on last season but had a blurred out face.

Kailyn Lowry briefly dated him but it was confirmed they had split before she announced the pregnancy. It is unlikely that he will agree to be a part of the storyline unless there is significant money in it for him. Lopez was allegedly planning to let Lowry raise the baby on her own with zero involvement. MTV would have to pull huge strings to get him to agree to film with her.

There is so much uncertainty right now with Kailyn Lowry. She was once one of the most admired "Teen Mom" franchise stars. With all of her personal drama and the rocky relationship with Chris Lopez, there is no telling where Kailyn Lowry is headed in the next few years. This pregnancy caught everyone by surprise and now, fans are waiting to see what will happen after the baby is born.