Kailyn Lowry is one of the "Teen Mom 2" stars. She was once one of the most-liked stars in the franchise but when her marriage to Javi Marroquin fell apart, things spiraled downhill fast. Lowry had some plastic surgery done with Dr. miami shortly after she suffered a miscarriage and her husband was deployed to Qatar. Many dubbed it a mid-life crisis, and it was the beginning of the end of her life with Javi.

Kailyn's procedures

When Kailyn Lowry debuted the work she had done by Dr. Miami, it was a huge deal. She looked better than she had before, and while critics hollered at her for being vain, Javi Marroquin supported her from Qatar.

"Teen Mom 2" fans questioned her reasoning behind having the plastic surgery done, especially if she had planned more children. Lowry insisted she was done with kids, and shortly thereafter announced she was getting a divorce from Marroquin.

There has been a lot of talk of how much Kailyn Lowry changed since she suffered her miscarriage in December 2015. The situation was tough and she felt like Javi Marroquin blamed her for the loss. Kailyn wanted to feel better about herself and Dr. Miami helped her. Less than a year after surgery, Lowry discovered she was pregnant with her third child. The scandalous part of all of this was that the baby was not her ex-husband's. While Kailyn announced she is indeed pregnant, she did not share the identity of her third baby daddy.

Dr. Miami to do more work on Kailyn Lowry

According to Radar Online, Kailyn Lowry has already booked Dr. Miami for more work. Plastic surgery is a big thing among the "Teen Mom" girls. Several from the franchise have had work done including Farrah Abraham, Briana DeJesus, and Amber Portwood. The appointment was confirmed with Dr.

Miami but he did not detail what Lowry was looking to have done. There is speculation it will be a tummy tuck at a minimum. Her vanity isn't shocking to fans who have watched her morph into someone who is almost unrecognizable.

The next few months will be telling about Kailyn Lowry. She is due at some point this summer but hasn't announced an actual due date.

Speculation is that Lowry is having another boy. She has made it clear that her unborn baby will be mixed, using it as an attention grabber for weeks now. The idea that Lowry has already scheduled plastic surgery for after her child is born is unsettling to some. Will this be her new and improved body and attitude, or will she spiral further out of control?