Hey, "The Leftovers" fans. It looks like we're going to be seeing Laurie Garvey show up on the big scene in Australia, taking up a profession that he had quit, in the new episode 6 of the current season 3. We'll also be seeing more of Kevin and Nora in action as they'll be the reasons why Laurie makes her big trip to the "land down under." Just like the weeks before, the HBO press team were the ones to serve up the storyline spoiler teasers via their episode press release. So, a special thanks go out to them.


To go along with their very short synopsis teaser, we've got an equally short title.

It turns out that they've named it simply: "Certified." So, you shouldn't have a hard time remembering the name of this one. They started this week's description off with the Laurie Garvey storyline. She's played by actress, Amy Brenneman. Apparently, Laurie was a therapist in her past, but no longer is. However, they're telling us that she may have to revisit her old profession at some point. The big question, here, is why will Laurie have to get back in the therapist business?

Making a long trip

Fortunately, we're going find that out right now in this next and last storyline teaser. They tell us that Laurie is going to also be making a long trip to Australia. Why, do you ask? Well, as reported in previous storyline teasers, Kevin and Nora are already down there.

In this episode, they're really going to be in need of some guidance for whatever their paths are and that this Laurie chick is going to be the person to help them out with this interesting task.

Will Laurie really be able to help them find their way? Or will they still continue to struggle no matter what Laurie tells them? Those are the burning questions for this storyline.

Unfortunately, their very vague teasers ended on that note, so that's all we're getting for right now. However, we might catch a few glimpses of more info when HBO releases the preview clip for this episode later on tonight after episode 5 gets finished airing. So, you'll definitely want to keep your eyes peeled for that one.

On May 21st

It does sound like we'll get some more interesting scenes out of this.

The storyline will continue to be set in beautiful Australia. We've got Carl Franklin listed as the director for episode 6, and they brought on the writing team of Patrick Somerville & Carly Wray to write up the script. We also confirm that this one is scheduled hit the airwaves next Sunday night, May 21st,2017 at 9 pm EST on HBO. Stay tuned.

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