What was Dick Wolf thinking when he killed off Kelly Severide's girlfriend Anna Turner on last Tuesday's episode of "Chicago Fire? Fans are still sad over how the writer concluded Kelly's one-season romance with Anna. Kelly took it very hard when she died. He was so confident that his love for her could overcome the cancer in her body.

Kelly, played by Taylor Kinney, grieved very much on the show. While fans know it is just a television program, they also grieved when Anna, played by Charlotte Sullivan, died. Her illness and their romance had been much of the storyline in Season 5.

Those who saw the episode were definitely left upset and wondered about the future for Kelly.

Fans are wondering what was Wolf's point of writing Anna in and then writing her out. After all, Kelly had gone through the pain of being a donor for her and she lived through that. Then the cancer returned.

Are Kelly's relationships cursed?

Viewers remember that Kelly can't seem to keep a girlfriend. Wolf writes him falling in love and then has the relationship come to nothing. This has happened so many times that Severide might become paranoid and not want to be in another relationship. Remember how Kelly grieved after his roommate and best friend Leslie Shay, played by Lauren German, died in Season 3.


There are a lot of questions about Kelly's future. For instance, people want to know if Kelly and Stella will get back together. If so, why would the writers insert Anna into the picture when they could have kept Stella and Kelly together in the first place?

People believe it would be unfair if Kelly got back with Stella Kidd, played by Miranda Rae Mayo.

They were a couple at the beginning of the season before Anna came into the picture. Stella knows how much Kelly loved Anna, so it wouldn't be fair to her to return to Kelly even though it is obvious she still cares for him. Besides, it would not be a good testament to Anna's memory since Kelly professed to have loved her so much.

People will have to wait to see what's next for Kelly. Hopefully, there will be happy days ahead for him.

Critics have praised the performances of Charlotte Sullivan and Kenny Taylor. They are said to have worked well together and gave wonderful performances. You can see Charlotte act again in another series. She has a role in the new series, "Mary Kills People" that premiered on Lifetime on April 23, 2017.

What do you think about Dick Wolf letting Anna die at the end of last week's episode? Do you think the ending could have been different? Watch "Chicago Fire" on Tuesday on NBC at 10 p.m.