Bill O'Reilly was forced out of Fox News last month following the revelation that he reached a settlement with various women who accused him of sexual harassment. With O'Reilly now gone from the conservative news outlet, he's still in the business of publishing books, with his latest not going over well on social media.

O'Reilly's new release

It was just over a month ago when the New York Times broke their bombshell story exposing Bill O'Reilly for not just being accused of sexual harassment, but also reaching a multi-million dollar settlement to keep the story out of the public eye.

Despite pushing back against the allegations, dozens of sponsors pulled their ads from "The O'Reilly Factor," causing a public relations nightmare for Fox News. With the pressure mounting on the network to make a move, O'Reilly's two-decade tenure with the company came to an end as he was fired shortly after. Since then, O'Reilly has been contractually obligated to stay off of cable news, but continues to host his "No Spin News" podcast, while also taking on another book project. As seen on his Twitter account on May 30, O'Reilly announced the title of his new book.

Taking to Twitter on Tuesday, Bill O'Reilly revealed his latest project.

"The new Killing book is unveiled! 'Killing England: The Brutal Struggle for American Independence' will be released on September 19," O'Reilly tweeted out. In a follow-up post, O'Reilly added, "Tonight on the No Spin News podcast, I will tell you all about the book! In addition, there will be video of the podcast tonight!!!"

Twitter reacts

Moments after Bill O'Reilly sent out his tweet about "Killing England," social media users were quick to fire back at the former Fox News host and didn't hold back their thoughts.

"Another book you didn't write you sick old perv! What a pathetic huckster you are not to mention devoid of all morals!" one Twitter user wrote.

"Thought you were discredited, disgraced and gone.

Guess I was just hopeful chocolate," another social media user added. "Next up: 'Killing my Legacy, the Bill O'Reilly Story'? A sweeping international thriller full of rushin' hands and roamin' fingers?" one tweet said mocking O'Reilly.

"Go away! Next book? Killing a career and a network," an additional tweet noted. The backlash continued as critics showed that they have not forgotten about Bill O'Reilly and the sexual harassment allegations that ended his career at Fox News.