Four out of the six "Brady Bunch" cast members reunited this morning on the "Today" show to talk with Matt Lauer almost 48-years after the classic sitcom show began airing.

It has been almost 5-decades since the 'Brady Bunch" first aired.

"Brady Bunch" cast still the best of friends.Brady kids, now adults, Barry Williams(Greg Brady), Christopher Knight (Peter Brady), Mike Lookinand (Bobby Brady) and Susan Olsen (Cindy Brady) talked with Lauer about the show and what hey have been up for the past 43-years since the show ended.

Four of six Brady kids show up for reunion interview, where's Marcia and Jan?

Noticeably missing from the Brady kids family reunion were Maureen McCormick (Marcia Brady), and Eve Plumb (Jan Brady).

Their absence was not discussed during the interview. One person missing from the reunion, whose absence was addressed, was actress Florence Henderson, who played Carol Brady. Henderson sadly passed away six months ago.

Henderson's TV children had nothing but kind and loving words for the woman who played their television mother for so many years and remained a close and loving friend to all.

Chris Knight told Lauer. “Everyone she met felt better about themselves, and about the world around them, after having spent a moment with Florence.” Williams called their beloved co-star a “mentor” and “friend,” and an example of how to be “gracious” with fans. “She loved to make people laugh” added Lookinland.

Knight commented how some fans can't believe the Brady kids are all grown up and so much older stating that he believed it was the show that has kept them all young in TV viewers minds. Greg Brady star Barry Williams, reveals that to this day they are all referred to "still as kids" Lookinland reveals that the "Brady Bunch" series is now on their third and fourth generations of viewers and fans.

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“Our [original] fans have grandchildren,” he pointed out. How is that for making some "Brady Bunch" fans feel older! Here is an update on the Brady kids ages and what they are doing in 2017. In Brady sibling birth order.

Barry Williams is now 62-years-old, now the oldest surviving cast member. He still works as an actor and often performs, singing at special events.

His most recent acting gig was in the film "Flea" as March Man. Maureen McCormick, age 60, last appearance in 2016 on "Dancing With the Stars." Maureen came in at 8th place on the popular TV dance competition.

Christopher Knight, 59, recent acting appearances in 2017 in the short film "Prisoner" as Brad. He also has a film in post-production, "Where the Fast Lane Ends" as Cooley Swindell. Eve Plumb also 59-years old.Most recent appearances in 2017 in "The Path" as Wendy, and "Blue Bloods" as Barbara Stevens.

Mike Lookinland is now 56-years-old. Mike chose to leave show business and now lives in Salt Lake City, Utah running a decorative concrete business. Susan Olsen, age 55. Olsen continues to do guest spots from time to time.

She has recently worked as a radio announcer acting teacher. She is currently working with Poison band members Rikki Rockett's son, teaching him how to act.

Sadly, as stated earlier a few key Brady Bunch cast members have since passed away, Florence Henderson, died in 2016, at the age of 82, from heart failure. Robert Reed, best known as Mike Brady, died in 1992 at the age of 59 from complications of colon cancer due to HIV. Ann B. Davis, known as that lovable housekeeper, Alice, died in 2014 at the age of 88-years-old. Davis passed away from a subdural hematoma after accidentally falling in her bathroom, striking her head at her San Antonio home.

There you have it, Your 2017 "Brady Bunch" update. Do you still watch the popular 70s sitcom today?